Palantir data analysis company to find new financing, valued at $15 billion

on 17 January morning message, data analysis software startups Palantir late last year has just finished financing at the $15 billion valuation, but now it is to plan for a new round of financing.

, according to people familiar with the Palantir in late 2014 by investor enthusiasm has completed financing. The round totaled $500 million, completed in November last year. But people familiar with the situation said, adding that the company now also began to seek new financing.

Palantir spokesman declined to comment, before that, the Palantir financing valuation at the end of 2013 had reached $9 billion, and now surged to $15 billion in further highlights the silicon valley startup valuations in the situation. Uber Technologies, completed two pen last year more than 1 billion dollars in financing, valuation has reached $40 billion last month.

the national venture capital association and PWC data show that investors have been to the startup of cash, a total of $48.3 billion last year, a record since 2000.

Palantir CEO Alex Karp (Alex Karp) was a philosopher, and later moved to the asset management industry. The company in 2004 by venture capitalists and Facebook early investors Peter tal (Peter Thiel) founded with others.

Palantir originally developed software can set separate database, in order to search and analysis. The technology is brought to the attention of the police and intelligence agencies, and can help them promote efficiency of data analysis.

Wall Street firms, then become a Palantir’s biggest customer, using the company’s software to detect fraud and loan risk assessment. Last march, hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors, hire Palantir help its monitoring ability to ascend.

In addition, the raised Fund, Palantir also received the CIA’s risk investment institutions – Q – Tel and other risks In investment capital of the company.