Onshape, making CAD version for designers

cloud network hunting note: product designers of the Gospel to come! Claims to be the future of CAD products – Onshape has open beta. It not only share design support across devices, can also be collaborative editing, and it is all in real time on the browser. Hurriedly, look!

behind each product, contains infinite the possibility of other products, a CAD software package called Solidworks is a good example. If the designer wants to add a buckle on the handbag design, he will have to use this software to draw an outline of the metal carefully for production. From the iPhone, ear machine to paper towel rack and toilet cover, almost everything we use items more or less began in the design of the computer.

Solidworks has founded 20 years, and this package is beginning to belong to which come of age. Because this package has been using similar to Microsoft Word file model, which makes it extremely difficult of cooperation with the outside world. When you have dozens or even hundreds of members of the product research and development team, the isolated part of the product and in the sub team became almost impossible to deal with the problem of tracking changes. So the founder Jon Hirschtick and other numerous doyen of Solidworks got together again, they want to think about product design is the era of cloud computing. In the process, they have designed a technological marvel online software.

hybrid cloud and computer rendering

complex product design can realize equipment and cloud rendering at the same time.

are open to the public beta Onshape is a stunning product. Product designers can now through the computer to edit and share their CAD design. More surprisingly, they also can undertake such operations on mobile devices, and is in real time in the browser.

the secret of team is a hybrid algorithm to calculate the surface of the product and movement. In addition to the use of user equipment processor, Onshape can also be connected to a cloud infrastructure to real-time rendering of complex product, and irrespective of the technical ability of the equipment. When the user wants to make some changes to products, such as increasing the product Angle, in the corner of the device immediately synchronized to the cloud for the new geometry processing. From the user’s perspective, there is almost no rendering on the delay.

a recent presentation, the software in the smartphone and touch really attracts me. Not only move the window and zoom to the various components of a product is very fluent, the real surprise is the ability to edit product components from mobile devices. A founder in the discussion told me: “if you are at the airport, and said some wanted another product breakthrough, when boarding now you can finish the work.”

from scratch to create a CAD system is not a simple one. Hirschtick said, “build a new CAD companies like to start a new car.” In front of the open beta, the company team has been obtained by the North Bridge, and NEA seed round of funding for $64 million. More it is worth mentioning that the company headquarters is located Northwest Cambridge, they have successfully beyond 50 small companies.

instant global collaboration

however, of course, on the browser set up all this in the product design such a mature business circle is actually a bet. The true value of the cloud infrastructure is that it will be how to change the team works.

over the past 20 years, Solidworks unceasing development, the entire industry is also in constant progress. The design team is becoming more and more globalization, at the same time zones have become doesn’t matter, not to mention the same continent. At the same time, the products are becoming more complex, so, this will require a more powerful team and the emergence of more complex products design strategy. Of course, we use daily equipment types are changing with each passing day.

Onshape relative to provide users with the CAD version of the lot. Users can now easily from different equipment platform product design, then edit the content together. Startup founder, another is also the former head of the Solidworks John McEleney, once said: “if on a wrong file work, people will only after they are processed to realize, seems a little late.” To want to the product to the market rapidly, this kind of mistake will not only lead to serious economic loss, will also affect the timeline.

in addition to outside the model on safety work, the team also created a real-time collaboration system available for engineers to work together. Onshape has a feature allows users to track another user to the design of the Windows, and convenient communication. During the conference call before, is not convenient to participate in the product. But now you can see the projector or the easily keep up with the discussion of the product.

all the cloud software at the same time also means that the software license and the actual installation software to gradually withdraw from the historical stage. Nowadays, with the launch of the products, individual users may be agreed to sign a free version of the subscription plan, while others may choose to purchase pro.

there are some companies may find their home in the cloud of data is a bit wonky, but Hirschtick always believe this way it will be the future of the industry, “people say they worried for me the data on the cloud, but I think you should be more worried because your data is not in the cloud.”

so far, early Onshape has successfully attracted a large number of users. The company now has about 1000 users in a wide range of industries from to test the platform, and build the next generation of products. Although this product has demonstrated its set of features, but a few months the company still capricious to launch other features, including the draft mode.

the Internet increasingly mature, but the industry seems to be not out of the Windows 95. Onshape appear will brings great breakthrough for the industry, make it become the deserved “mother of the product!


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