One school recruit: extrusion, the school recruit platform can with ability and talent?


“we are doing?” Clock Ai said, “is not only interesting and meaningful things. Such as breaking with the ‘resume’ of person of outstanding ability of traditional mode.”

the three set out to create one school, today’s clock Ai senior. With a team from sun yat-sen university and guangdong industry university 12 partners want to ruins in the field of campus recruitment, holding a strong-arm reaction is a monarch.

one school recruit 5.13 day online, online 2 days, there are 27 enterprises. In July and will be only products are special offer team jointly organized activities. In the middle of next year, July and August autumn recruitment for centralized propaganda. At present in guangzhou, zhuhai, shenzhen, foshan several operating platform. First foothold in south China market, next to Shanghai, zhejiang, Beijing, wuhan and other cities as the center, expand to early next year at the end of this year is expected to achieve this goal.

“we are still in enterprise to have the certain well-knownness school recruit”, clock Ai said. “for example, in guangzhou in the enterprise will have an invisible threshold, the Internet enterprise 100 strong. We hope to the enterprise and the students can bring the results that the most real and progress.”

is different from traditional resume recruitment patterns, one school for the recruitment process is roughly, the enterprise put forward and released at the site’s own position requirements, design topic and publish, college students who is interested in this position is offline and submit the scheme, the selection of what good plan holders agreed to practice or formal job opportunities.

truth is I make plan for offline how to guarantee? Clock Ai said it is in the future will develop a set of “growth trajectory” system, the follow-up and the school, to record the student during the period of school valuable works; 2 it is the student each time on one school recruit plan submitted will be put on record, become an important scale enterprise assessment of authenticity.

“junior with traveling holdings as a HR recruiting season that year will receive a lot of resumes, big companies to resume screening process sex is very strong, you will see a lot of resumes directly but only to see at a glance.” The clock Ai said, “personal ability through the resume are difficult to prove.”

clock Ai last year to a year off to venture with great concentration, now all the things have been started, will continue to the rest of the university curriculum. “Before have done a lot of projects, all stay in interaction design and visual communication section, this is the first time clock Ai.

today one school recruit recruit on campus partners in each region, focused on doing efficient, accurate and true school recruit website. Ensure efficient consists of two aspects: one is authentication, will negotiate with the school in the future, as far as possible with the school educational administration system. 2 it is to challenge, the enterprise to the subject, such as programming, graphics, new media editorial.

The threshold of the

when it comes to hiring, bell said Ai can cook good, don’t we teach you. “Because they give you love.”