One and a half times: main 60 seconds fast job search App

(text/Wang Saiying)

one and a half times in January 2015, according to one and a half times has said, in October last year one and a half times the completed angel rounds of millions of yuan investment, investors are angels bay. Is now ready to start A round of harmony, plans to raise about $2 million. Core team personnel from sina, lanting collection of potential, ATA, founder Jiang Xin once worked in lightinthebox product managers, senior managers as sina weibo, commercial products division.

network is currently looking for nothing more than is the candidate resume as a starting point, this pattern causes without a resume, there is no way to carry on the job, but your resume is very painful for many people, most of the people to struggle for a long time to complete. In the era of mobile Internet, and more and more high-end job seekers into “passive job seekers” in the background, put your resume in contact before also can yet be regarded as a more efficient solution.

one and a half times at present is still in the product fast iterative development process, from the beginning of February ios version online, up to now already iteration 4 version, currently has more than 2000 registered users. Its target audience is 25 to 35 years old, in the workplace fast rise and have certain experience of young people, with vertical recruitment products such as hook, one and a half times is not limited to the Internet, finance, automobile, pharmaceutical, real estate and other industries of talents will also focus on operation.

post a resume, and contact in advance
Founder Jiang Xin said in an interview with hunting cloud network, in fact, in the mobile client require applicants enter lengthy resume is a very bad experience, and the active headhunting, lead to lots of good people is not in 51 cto, even cooperated on a resume, will have professional headhunting services, they so hiring market are two: one is the market supply, the graduate job market, for example, the other is a market demand is less than the supply, such as in high-end Internet job market. In the case of supply for job seekers spend lots of time to improve your resume is normal, but the market demand is less than the supply, writing a resume is a necessary procedure, and the pain of writing a resume creates obstacles for high-end job seekers, threshold, hinder the products they use recruitment.

“one and a half times the App” is looking to recruit for the c-terminal can provide new job application. Compared to traditional job search services, its characteristic is simple, fast, private directly. Users to download the App, only 60 seconds to fill out a simple personal information as well as the ideal position, the rest are “one and a half times the team to complete. This model provides a new train of thought for us, one and a half times did not adopt the traditional job site must first complete resume before delivery pattern of the job, the individual job seekers need only through the APP simple expressing interest, can match to the position of might be interested in.

resume “social”
one and a half times in reference to the big data in the field of marketing the concept of “user portrait”, based on one and a half times the user’s social account authorization and social information analysis and integration in sight to recruitment, social resume generated by big data algorithm, objective reference for recruiters. For job seekers, one and a half times provides a quick and convenient recruitment experience, but for recruiters and HR, looked to recruit motivated for service.

anonymous way of compensation communication in the workplace: gossip.
The advantage of one and a half times in addition to the rapid social “social resume” after the authorization, as well as concerns about user privacy, users in the recruitment scenario, hope oneself can “anonymous” mostly, so one and a half times provides shielding company contact frequency with the option, the user can control your contact at any time whether willing to times the HR executive search view.

product viscosity is mainly manifested in the gossip on the module, many users logged in to view every day now. In addition to reflect on the message, the hr executive search view, buying behavior, such as contact will inform applicants, push to form in the APP, so as to encourage the user to open the APP

Jiang Xin convective cloud network, according to one and a half times the APP will be permanent free, and associated with looking to hire product and medium-term flagship Freemium, base product completely free, registered and active points, use of integral to buy candidate contact information. The long run, mainly by helping push recruiter precise position, to provide a large human resources data analysis report and other revenue and profits. One and a half times the aspect will not be too deep into the whole recruitment process, focusing on the problem of talent sourcing.

“we are in the field of product positioning is a blue ocean market, narrow our competitors rarely, only see a micro recruitment is similar. More broadly, I think our main competitor is pull hook, cooperated and workplace social APP affectionately. This is a change to build the network era, which road to overturn the contention of 51 cto?” One and a half times the founder Jiang Xin such convective cloud network said.