On the “online” : Wall Street men’s shirts were this man contracting

Wall Street workers are very busy.

they have no time shopping.

they have little time trying on clothes.

they don’t have time to take to dry clothes.

but they dress must always keep scrupulous. Not only is good, more delicate.

in the past, the solution to the problem is the high speed running a tailor equipment, a large number of assistant ran and interns when they washerwoman.

now, with the rise of men’s clothing retail network, a company called became, specifically for don’t want to spend too much time and money, and decent man, one-stop online store. Their takes 30 – $40 a shirt, a suit is about $140 to $220, even a tuxedo is only $200 – $220.

since the company was established in 2010, became the orders of Goldman’s largest online menswear company, co-founder Vishaal Melwani, said such a start is good.

Melwani was a tailor, or versace, the founder of the third generation successor. In his hometown of Las Vegas, he grew up watching celebrities in and out in versace store, since understanding learning production of denim. After selling a jeans company, he decided to go to do greater things, to enhance the comfort of the man with the consummate craft.

“at that time I went on a menswear store haven’t… When they brought me in the first time, I think this place so divine!” Melwani said.

this is a no practical significance.

“I wanted to form a like Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss, Germany famous clothing brand) or ermenegildo Zegna (Zegna, is well known in the world of men’s clothing brand) this brand, but the price is lower than most of the men’s clothing store.” Melwani said: “this will attract economic man… Of course, it will also meet the needs of cutting pursuit of modern man, at the same time, they would not have troubled with in a wide range of choice.” Not only know their own brand positioning, Melwani also very clear what they need and cost. At this line, he will clearly know Gucci, Gucci, Versace (Versace) and other fashion store is how to achieve low cost, high quality.

let’s take a look at commercial geek Melwani interesting story: Combatant Gentlemen from the experience of successful people by maintaining a low-cost production vertical integration. Company also “Italian wool sheep breeding, and business growth of Indian cotton farms.

the following is an interesting story of their geeks: the company supply chain management is a kind of algorithm precision. Online customers to fill in your measurements, the system will automatically generate the corresponding size.

Melwani said: “we speak with data, simplify the process, to thine own self be first-class level of science and technology.”

this is the way all business can learn, even the brand. In fact, this also is a way we all know that the acquisition of retailers.

“Combatant Gentlemen growth is very interesting: the brand is established, the Goldman sachs group inc. occupies a place, it’s all because customers started to explore different brands.” The founder of retail consultancy Talmage Advisors Elizabeth Dunn said.

the customers no longer aimless go shopping, but keep an eye on online advertising or store links from a friend. When they went into the store, 50% of people would have read online and quickly find what they want.

Dunn said: “I think for the traditional retailers, the biggest challenge is to always keep the current popular trend, and can quickly grasp the customer’s sensitive during the conversation. In addition, the online retailer store is no longer needed to keep up their ideas.

Combatant Gentlemen made $2.2 million in 2012, 2013, two years, and in the spring of 2014 when start surplus, let us know.

Melwani said: “long before I knew it was going to profit. Sales especially good at that time, all white shirts sold out after just one month we have received the order of 3000 pieces.”

a in Deloitte (Deloitte, one of the big four accounting firm) work of the customer when the ask customer service center will make up the white shirt in stock, we told him that now backlog of orders.

Melwani revealed: “the young man said, ‘ok, I ordered 30 pieces, it is cheaper than dry cleaning. God wants us to meet a few wrong people wake up ‘is a language, I suddenly understand, this is our target customers. His struggle for career, we as a convenient service, add luster for yourself with our clothes. Now there are a lot like this guy, may soon have more.”

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