Oh: a new version of oh, with “hero save beauty” cut straight light social game

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to help the girl is a very gentleman, boy to get a sense of accomplishment, girls get a sense of security. And this sense of security to the network, and spread to female users is a safe, social sense of positive energy.

the title “hero” for girls, do oh team, recent oh and updated version. On the basis of the original, the girl’s desire to be more direct, previous recommend ourselves to save my sister. Social interest increased, girls male god the top three, respectively, have become the side-by-side arrangement, which is more heroes to save his sister, charm value will be higher accordingly.

oh, unlike other social applications, boys and girls side interface to use are different. Cody tell hunt, founder of the cloud network, whether ordinary social or private social on market, the number of female users can directly determine the social activity. But in certain dimensions, illicit close social, between the sexes is a requirement.

80, 90, after the phase? Cooked? Social circle, more inclined to social networking. On the Internet and exhibition? In?? Actual demand for parts? Sexual users? Say, let? According to yourself? What have a friend? To a stranger? The praise of a stranger, itself is a kind of intense psychological full? . But don’t let social to drag on forever.

women most users actually facing the social platform is more a form of harassment, social can not become a burden, so why is the girl to carry on the female end demand, the boy to the response. To avoid the social harassment of spam.

in oh, male users more is a kind of active attack, around women near the user’s demand, boys can recommend ourselves to save my sister. Oh good, based on the social desire and was subject to begin with, to avoid the straight on both sides of the early stage of the social embarrassment. Currently on the oh, women do not add the user as a friend can’t directly to the private chat. Cody tell hunting cloud network, actually product permissions can open, but for the purpose of protection of the opposite sex, so temporarily still need to add friend requests.

the present well is a can help men and women from a stranger? To produce? Goodwill, and easily communicate platform. The early on? Sexual demand, mainly male response. The future of most social scene will try to use the rules of the game to enter? . Want to become a future around the building to help men? The development of the platform.

oh will make in the future? Series of gout, gameplay features. For example, girls can make boys to play super Mario, rescued princess is likely to be the girl herself. Design is more suitable for “atmosphere of warm heart” game. Future “popular wishes”, “instant beauty”, “heroic” goddess collocation, such as “the activity of the hidden treasure” oh more social interest. Through the gaming scene for retained users and attract new users. If a social product allows users to get some what. Then he would be open for the second time.

the team aspect, oh founder Cody is a South American overseas Chinese, a former Microsoft Asia Pacific global technology? Support department? The manager, gen? Set up the most? The Taiwan? Community – taike? . Joint founder? Tommy to realize the computer? And graduation. Founder Richard strong science and technology, a former Microsoft? The user experience specialists for 3 years. Microsoft is responsible for large international projects? , has rich experience in IT project management and development. Team is considering A round of funding, at present, the team has A central capital Mr Mr Chen of personal angel investment millions RMB.

products: oh
Company: ah ah information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD.

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