Office right away: a short online office rental platform

(text/sun ce)

property O2O sector, the emerging Internet companies such as room is great, love me, love my dog, and the traditional Internet companies such as housing, housing the guest are scrambling to acquire property transactions, leasing market business, the traditional offline agency also gradually began to line up the fusion penetration.

in this office immediately select the niche of office rent. Since last year we work after $350 million of financing, much attention has been paid to rent the office industry. Also has emerged a group of companies to try in this field, which Beijing has a SOHO 3 q, Shanghai has a joint venture commune, and other enterprises.

office immediately focus on office rent industry, founder Deng Lianxi have 10 years working experience in real estate industry, the core founding team are from real estate company and IT companies, the current team of 12 people. Hunting cloud network understand immediately to office in January 2015 online platform, currently only provide service in Shanghai area, 200 homes, office has done a more than 150.

the author understands office market actually is a lot of empty space, in particular, many private investment in the housing office. There in addition to market the natural vacancy rate, more is because of information asymmetry between the two sides of supply and demand. Moreover, entrepreneurial atmosphere hot situation in recent years, emerged a large number of startups have short office rental demand.

based on this, immediately short positioning office rental, integration of the individual owner to hold unused office space, can turn them into short rent, bag into products, to small and medium-sized enterprise docking start-ups, temporary transition, opening offices such as the demand for office rent.

it is known that the main problem in the traditional office rental market is information is uneven, false information, intermediary harassing phone calls a lot. Rent the office is a blue ocean market segment, there is no professional platform. Based on this, office immediately put forward its own solution:

1, real homes, each online are both houses by the team to check and take photos and order the information from the housing.

2, cost-effective, integration of vacant office space in the market and leasing demand, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, benefits users. And houses are all decorate, take home office standards, early can save users buy furniture and decoration.

3, the user free services, the team provided free of charge with see, leasing consulting services and signing.

if compared with the same industry competing goods, hunting cloud network that Beijing SOHO 3 q has abundant funds, brand strength is strong, rich in resources, and many other advantages, also do their own homes, management more simple; Disadvantages are relatively single housing choice, for users to choose is not much, price also.

joint venture do commune is a principal mode, focus on doing offline office space and create entrepreneurial community, is the main users of Internet start-ups, short office immediately do is rent a platform, on the product side is asset management, users are not limited to Internet start-up, is essentially a mediation model, the two models differ.

“we launched in January, has been published online short rent housing 200, clinch a deal the cumulative office more than 150, we launched a group-buying activities once a week of this month (special) office, with micro letter, every week to inquire and clinch a deal, the current focus on the number of users rises every day.” Deng Lianxi told hunting cloud network.

in addition, he also said, “the office leasing industry, service is the most important. We practice O2O business model, line is the core of our service, we are will continue to offline service products, good service, small business owners, to let them worry, ease accept rent.” Office immediately to owner commissions 15% of contract value, according to the commission rate is normal, but has advantage than offline mediation.

the core of the Chinese city is numerous, the office market is huge, short segment to the rental market is huge. Asset management in China has just started, there has been no professional management company for small business owners, from this Angle, good service, small business owners to create effective supply market, believe that will create more market value and social value.

it is understood that the office team is preparing an angel round immediately, is expected to transfer the equity of about 10%.