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recently, O2O flood swept through the concept of time, different industries have started to test the waters O2O market. As the main nail O2O beaver home,,,, a family to decorate service home help, etc., can almost think of industry are O2O touch water, of course, photography industry is no exception.

as hunting cloud network to introduce the “about”, today is the O2O business model, a photographer and docking services for the user of the mobile platform. On the product architecture and content about independent photographer structured in the personalized service, in a similar school graduation, children with taps, brigade and other usage scenarios for guidance, for consumers to conveniently in the scene to find a suitable service projects and is suitable for the photographer.

it is reported that about take part in some distance network technology co., LTD. Northwest of Beijing. Founder vladilena is a serial entrepreneur. A former vying figure company co-founder, deputy general manager, professional mapping software SV300 in third industry share; After the starting time and space walk as a CEO, the introduction of localization and the 3 d GIS Skyline, the share of industry first, after the sale to say eastdawn; VP as eastdawn company, responsible for the market.

in vladilena view, O2O’s greatest value lies in the industry of resource allocation efficiency, simplify the market effect of service process, such as about, photographer without owning an entity studio can provide services to users, when the deal photographer can communicate with the user temporarily renting on location or studio; At the same time, this greatly reduces the two-way choice after decided good photographer during or after the filming of the users are not satisfied with photos due to the reason of the communication, the photographer can also provide users with more personalized photography services.

around, the user can act as a photographic demand of consumers and photographer dual role. Consumers can check photographers work, check the prices and point or direct messages photographer, also can phone booking; Photographer can come about, and apply for certification photographer, published his work, service items and standards, and so on. Services mainly cover the wedding photography, wedding with taps, kids activities with, as well as personal photo four categories.

it is well known that O2O back to basics, eventually to precipitate into the line, and the service quality is basic survival of O2O industry rules. Taken in about App provides two dimensions to help users find their loved ones a photographer, is a photographer dimension, under this dimension user can be filtered according to the photographer is good at photography type products such as photo, wedding dresses, children’s, weddings, still life, etc. In another dimension is to use the service to filter, such as wedding photography, photo, wedding of children with pat and products as well as setting a still life, through a structured content presentation, to help users realize the personalized demand.

cloud network understanding, hunting and 500 px, Flickr, Eput such help photographers show sell finished product platform is different, some film is a simpler and more direct P2P platform. Photographer, the certification after can be directly taken in some plain code marks a price on his services. Whereas ordinary users can like on taobao shopping easy and intuitive to choose their own want to photographers.

the whole, some solution is the need to take pictures of people can find oneself think right about taken directly from the photographer, no longer by studio, studio or photography agency, such as mediation, more direct communication with the photographer. And so a model of two-way choice, save the cost of communication between the user and the photographer, the user satisfied with the service at the same time, the photographer has also been profitable, and this is the biggest charm O2O mode. , of course, some will meet the same service standardization and the standardization, service security, a series of problems such as personalized service requirements.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present the main profit model is taken with the photographer, team currently at around 10 people, has obtained from sing CEO Chen, and former cool site co-founder Wu Shichun 300 w RMB angel round. And in the next stage, about the pat team will further polishing products, improve the mobile terminal and the PC build, standardized photographer services at the same time, further improve transaction closed loop, create excellent photographer domain closed-loop O2O product experience.

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Company: Beijing west vines network technology co., LTD.

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