Not only UC and Scott, ucweb CEO ali mother began to run the business

alibaba group chief operating officer, zhang yong (at large) announced that ucweb CEO concurrently hold formal mobile business group President ali ali group’s network marketing platform “ali mama” President.

this is business into UC ali group of ucweb CEO after new business appointment. Before that, the fully incorporated into UC ali last June, YuYong blessing to join ali strategy committee (board), and at the helm of ali UC mobile enterprise group; At the beginning of this month, he was also for gold group President. As the time will be entirely responsible for ali mother business, ucweb CEO again in ali system status of ascension.

“thanks to the rapid development of electrical business, ali mother grow, become a indispensable part of the big ali ecological; But in the era of mobile Internet, ali mother will usher in a new round of great opportunity.” Zhang said, “believe for on the Internet in the field of rich experience and deep understanding for the advertising media industry, can help ali mother further growth.”

it is understood that the alibaba group specially appointed ucweb CEO of one of the strategic management executive committee members in charge of the ali mama, largely because of strategic business bigger and stronger network marketing platform, embodies the ali group attaches great importance to and expectations for the business.

ali mother is alibaba group’s online advertising trading platform, help to connect and matching between Internet site location and advertising clients demand, realize their advertisers.

ucweb CEO said, as the network marketing platform, ali mother had mainly depends on the electricity system is ali, integration of a large amount of real transaction data. “In the mobile Internet driven two big industry and big data variables, there is the imaginary space of the digital media advertising and incremental value, ali mother’s potential will be further release.”

will be held on March 24th the ali mama “wulin assembly”, zhang yong said ali mother is one of the key words of “out of taobao” in 2015, with an open mind to understand more users and advertisers, terminal audience to develop innovative digital marketing platform for all channels.

“the future of the ali mama, is along the thinking of the big media platform to run, and not just pure electric commercial advertising and marketing platform.” Ucweb CEO commitment.

on March 24, ali mother published in 2015, three major strategies: global marketing plan, dharma hospital alliance, the cape of good hope. Global marketing plan, technology, products and services based on the data integration of resources, and cooperation partners, to promote customer’s digital marketing upgrade; Dharma hospital alliance for the first time to try to build cross-industry cross-platform data alliance at home, fully release data value; The cape of good hope plan is proposed to support 10 m media partners.