Nine hot startup perfect counter attack

hunting cloud network reported on April 24, under the leadership of Tiny Slack developers? Developed a Speck some alternative but extremely popular online video games Glitch. What is unique about the game in addition to play the monster, it is more of an emphasis on the player’s exploration and social.

: now it is obvious that in 2012, everyone is no longer the Glitch as a lucrative business ventures. They stop the use of the game, the company changed its name and will focus on a new product on the Slack, Slack is an office communication applications. Today, on the river’s lake rumours Slack market value has reached $2 billion. Butterfield, thus became the most important person in silicon valley. But he did not forggestting, still felt sorry for die Glitch games.

Venmo can let you have the opportunity to communicate with like band free

once: Venmo released in 2009, the user can get after the input of your favorite band of the band’s song MP3 files.

now: in Venmo entrepreneurial teams aware that this is a recruit a user favorite application framework, Venmo developers to create a new Venmo: it is committed to helping achieve automatic transfer between friends. In 2012, Venmo for $26 million buyout by PayPal.

Twitch. TV a fortune to live online platform

once: Justin. The TV was founded in 2007, is committed to let users in the daily life of the online video live some interesting content.

now: then derived the application of the birth of Twitch. TV can let live online game fan used fully. This is the company’s fastest growing business, the company will focus on the research on again. Amazon last year to $970 million for a Twitch.

was later called dotCloud Docker, used to be a different cloud computing company

in 2010, dotCloud is committed to other companies for better use their applications in the cloud. Then it did not become popular among users.

now: by studying the container with the same technology, Docker has become a popular with developers a powerful group, organization, financing and venture capitalists in stages to Docker invested $95 million.

Lyft is to find a long distance car pool party of choice


: carpooling community Zimride began in 2007, the first is dedicated to helping with Lyft, co-founder of Logan Green schools, students at the university of California, Santa Barbara reading, help them find a carpool friend home together.

now: in 2012, Zimride developed a Lyft offshore companies. Lyft is a focus on the car, and dare to be a taxi directly with powerful software Uber competitive application software. By 2013, Lyft as a rising star star up development, has finally been car rental company Enterprise acquisition. The Enterprise decided to shut down earlier this year except for business and the school of business. At the same time, Lyft every month in the struggle for 2.5 million users of owners.

phone short video broadcast applications Periscope can let you live to watch what’s going on all over the world

once: in 2014, Kayvon Beykpour and Joseph Bernstein was born to create a named Bounty application, it can let users anywhere in the world, to watch him anytime and anywhere like live video.


: Periscope derive create Bounty original idea – to understand what is happening in the world, and then put them into a live video available on demand. Before its official launch, thoughtful Twitter $120 million deal to buy the Periscope this small startups.

Magic in

is a dedicated to the application of measuring blood pressure

once: Bettir is an application of measuring blood pressure, it in the famous Y Combinator startup incubator under development. Bettir design team only took a week to make the Magic of this application. The user can use Magic to buy anything, as long as it does not violate the law. (note: cloud network editor king hunting Magic is a private secretary service, it can help to buy things, booking a flight, you just need to send what you want messages to Magic,)

now: the Magic have a very good start, this makes Bettir design team to put their focus on here. In only A few weeks later, the Magic in A seed financing valuation of 40 million, and won the 26 million real financing.

Reddit order initially just a web site

once: co-founder and roommates Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman originally wanted to create a named MyMobileMenu order website. But when they apply to the Y Combinator startup incubator, the famous investors and counselors need Graham said the Internet industry is a better idea.

now: you might have to the social news site Reddit, last year it had 174 million users. Reddit was published in 2005, and in 2006, it has Conde Nast boarded the famous magazine, and in 2012 as a private startups. In 2014, it gained from Snoop Dogg and Jared dojdlivoe-leto wonders (hunting cloud network editing your note: two people for American entertainment star, Reddit is famous for its entertaining) to the olive branch – $50 million in financing.

Foursquare formerly sold to Google

once: Dodgeball at New York university Dennis Crowley graduation design works, it can allow the user to record the location and sent to friends. It acquired by Google in 2005 and officially released in 2008.

now: Google released Dodgeball shortly after, it suddenly closed it again. In 2009, Crowley took the burden silently back to their home, the application of the core technology of the application on a later company called Foursquare, (he have a special liking to this name) Crowley said Foursquare isn’t very popular, like Dodgeball but companies each year in revenue in double.

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