New MacBook: apple invented the notebook again!

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in addition to compelling Apple Watch, Apple’s conference in this morning also launched a MacBook seems to be more close to the average user. Yes, it is called the MacBook, neither Air nor Pro, just call the MacBook. In the cook’s mouth, a new MacBook represents the “apple invented the notebook again.”

lighter and thinner

the MacBook the machine the most thick place on the thickness of only 13.1 mm, weighing less than 1 kg (0.92 kg). Both in thickness and weight is more light than the MacBook Air.

MacBook family is new bestow favor on

the MacBook screen to 12 inches, unlike previous Air and Pro. Screen resolution is 2304 x1440, reached the so-called Retina display screen.

Better keyboard

the MacBook buttons bigger than original area increased by 17% (buttons), from the appearance point of view, the frame of full keyboard is very narrow, but the basic key does not change. The real difference is key to the bottom of the adopted the new structure of butterfly, let button more smoothly, reduce the error rate. Not only that, the bottom of the new structure, also let whole thin keyboard, this also is to let the MacBook is one of the reasons for keeping fit.

further trackpad

the MacBook trackpad adopted Force Touch technology, every place of the whole piece of touchpad can pressure, this is different from before only at the bottom of the Touch on the mode of operation. In addition, the MacBook trackpad also built four accelerometer, users can sense light and heavy pressure, to different operating complete access to phrases, etc.

“opening” at least a laptop in the history of

the MacBook is apple laptops and even the whole development history, the side pin at least one device. In addition to the headphone jack, MacBook -c only equipped with a USB socket. This pin can be done at the same time charging, data transmission, video output, and other tasks. Don’t know, will the future apple on the MacBook Air and Pro also USES USB – C, abandon the use of lightning interface.


the MacBook configuration Intel processor Core M. Operating power is only 5 w, battery life is 9 hours, the most energy-efficient in the history of so-called Apple laptop. In addition, the MacBook fanless design, during the period of equipment operation, truly infinite close to “mute”.

it is understood that the MacBook will launch on April 10, will start at $1299, with gold, silver, grey, 3 kinds of color can be chosen. Of course, if you still have a passion for the MacBook Pro, and other products, apple also updated in it, in addition to the configuration of the latest core processor, also MacBook is configured on the same Force Touch trackpad.

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