New book jobs scorn television, against Google wants to buy yahoo

note: cloud hunting jobs died for many years, but over all the things seem to have endless topic to discuss. Coming online issue of the new book, as Steve jobs, disclose some little-known story behind it. The author friends have jobs in science and technology news reporter Brent – the ford (Brent Schlender), two people get to know each other more than 25 years, this batch of things is also very fresh. The following content by business insider reports, tencent’s translation of science and technology.

called be Jobs (Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader) of The new biography will be released on March 24. The current flow of excerpts exposes many a lurid details.

the book by science and technology news reporter Brent – this ford (Brent Schlender) and Fast Company executive editor, Rick, zell (Rick Tetzeli) lead. Need to point out is, brent – the ford is the best of the tech journalists with jobs in the private one, to the death of jobs both have met more than 25 years. When apple sold the first personal computer in 1983, the ford is one of the first 100 buyers.

the book be jobs broke the stereotypes about jobs. There are a lot of his closest friends participate in the writing process, such as cook, and Jonathan ive. This book has attempted to answer such a question: because this rude and arrogant and was founded his own company to kick out the CEO is how to become our age’s greatest leaders, and successfully changed the lives of billions of people?

vowed never push TV

rumors about apple intends to enter the television market in early have circulated for a long time, but, according to the book never seemed to have no jobs himself more determined than ever to enter the television market.

Steve jobs in the late 1990 s with Jonathan ivey (John Ivy) said: “I just don’t like the television, apple will never introduced television product.” According to Fast Company, Mr. Jobs is discussing the next generation of Macintosh and ivey, while the computer is likely to combine the functions of the television.

new biography exposure jobs amazing last wish: TV do not want to buy yahoo

from left to right in turn to brent Ben ford, Bill Gates and Steve jobs (1991)

in fact, as early as 2007 Apple launched its own Apple TV set-top box equipment, users can watch Netflix the device and the contents of the MLB. Announced this week that Apple Apple TV sales broke through 25 million, at the same time with HBO announced the exclusive cooperation agreement, the partnership means Apple users can all the first time on the Apple TV watching HBO drama.

new biography exposure jobs amazing last wish: TV do not want to buy yahoo

it should be said that this is not a jobs for the first time expressed their unremitting of TV products. Because in the plight of Empire: Apple Jobs After age (Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs), the author has called Steve Jobs said: “TV is a bad business, the update frequency is low, profit margins are low.”

however, this view with Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson) jobs’ biography of lead content has a big discrepancy. Isaacson said in the book, Steve jobs very much hope to launch a TV product, the TV will be simple and elegant like apple’s other products.

against Google wants to buy the Internet company yahoo

at the same time, the book be jobs also revealed the jobs in the process of lead apple confront Google make small discovery ambushes.

it is well known that jobs think apple and Google’s struggle is not only a business, but also a “holy war”. And it is due to Steve jobs for Google’s hostility, many of his friends, and even can’t become a director of Google.

according to the book be jobs, Disney’s President and CEO Bob Iger (Bob Iger) was because to his friendship with jobs and refused to join Google the invitation of the board of directors.

new biography exposure jobs amazing last wish: do not do TV Want to buy yahoo

jobs and Disney CEO Bob iger (2006)

“jobs and igel relationship is very good, so that jobs asked who joined apple’s board of directors. At the same time, because to his friendship with Mr Jobs, igel had to be refused, schmidt, page and brin invited her to join Google the invitation of the board of directors.” The book wrote.

it is reported, igel even have permission to enter the ivey in apple’s secret lab, and brainstorm with them in this room. In a meeting, the three of them and even the possibility of buying yahoo is discussed.

“we discussed enterprise acquisitions, and discussed the possibility of buying yahoo.” Iger said at last.

revealed in the book, in the past years, apple’s acquisition of yahoo’s problems have been put forward many times. Yahoo will cause a lot of competition in the field of apple patents, network services, and other tools, and are interested in yahoo for a buyout by apple.

cook had to “cut” liver save jobs

cook had to

book be jobs also revealed that the cook is very concerned about his boss. When jobs was ill need organ donation, cook had proposed to donate a portion of their liver to give it to him.

in found himself is consistent with the jobs of a rare blood type, the cook had away from bay area hospital for a series of inspections, because he didn’t want to be recognized. Cook wanted to donate part of the idea of the liver was later refused to jobs, cook said: “if jobs is really selfish man, he can’t refuse my proposal.”

in jobs, cook tend to become enthusiastic. He decided that Mr Jobs is tutor in his life, had a positive impact on him. Interestingly, cook efforts ensure office jobs remain the same. Until today, it still retains its jobs died on the same day.

his book become Steve jobs, according to Steve jobs’s office was still his office. After he died in 2011, as his friends and his successor, cook decided to keep him in 1? Infinite Loop4 decoration simple office upstairs. But this is not a shrine or mourning, cook just think that somebody should not be here. He said: “I think intact is right, this is the office jobs.”

since Walter Isaacson (Walter Isaacson) jobs biography is not perfect, the forthcoming book may well become a long-awaited “treasures”.