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Dataminr mainly to help businesses and government users from social media to extract the information they want. In a new round of financing, Dataminr has absorbed 130 million dollars.

after completion of this round of financing Dataminr valuation will be $700 million. The personage inside course of study suggests, the six companies have received $180 million from investors.

new shareholders include Dataminr fidelity investments, Wellington management companies, credit suisse, Goldman sachs group inc and capital management. Green. In addition, Dataminr Venrock also said the risk investment and IVP (Institutional Venture Partners) also join this round of financing.

Dataminr software every day to review tens of thousands of daily tweets, web postings, traffic data, news reports, or other resources.

Dataminr strategic cooperation with Twitter, integrated Twitter user’s location, as well as relevant news outside the chain, market capacity and market price information, find out the specific enterprise customers is the key of those tweets, then issued a warning to the enterprise customers. As far as possible in order to eliminate false positives, the algorithm contains self-taught ability, such as from false positives content related sites near the tweet looking for clues.

at first, Dataminr company provides services for businessmen and bankers, analyze market trends. Nowadays, Dataminr service scope is far more than that, government agencies and the news media has become their regular customers.

false news will be a very bad effect to the market.

this emergency early warning mechanism is especially useful for journalism, finance, and public affairs. In April 2013, for example had false tweets at the White House has the news of the bomb, causing dawkins industrial average fell 145 points within minutes. Dataminr warning bomb for the first time from a black related media tweets from Twitter account, but after through analyzing some real-time tweets near the White House, it issued a report to the customer the news is likely to be false.

recently, an oil refinery in the fire, California, was near a Twitter users to record the moment of the breathtaking, and will be sent the message. This earlier than news reports for half an hour. News, exxon mobil and Tesoro big stock market volatility of the company. Dataminr Ted Bailey, founder and CEO, said will invest heavily to add new data resource is used to improve the signal strength of the Twitter.

in addition, Dataminr are also developing some new App, such as risk detector, can be in on the user’s assets, and global supply chain employees have a potential threat or crisis warning to the user.

Ted Bailey: “our goal is to let customers know what they want to know.”

Dataminr company has reached a strategic cooperation with Twitter. There are 150 of the world’s media, including dawkins group and the parent company of the Wall Street journal is its user. Dataminr hired professionals from several news organizations, including dawkins himself. After will consider to more vertical field.

a new round of financing is likely to be the basis of future IPO. For fidelity international investment and Wellington management companies usually aims to purchase the company’s IPO.

Bailey: “we haven’t special planning, but we have the confidence to do bigger and stronger and keep the independence of the company. We will carefully consider IPO in the future.”

like Dataminr using external data is analyzed to determine, in turn, help Wall Street business, government agencies and other users make decisions of the company is to dig gold, another to do data analysis and visualization tools Palantir valuation now tops 15 billion

from Dataminr partners Venrock Nick Beim said: “in addition to Dataminr, and the company can provide such perfect network real-time information?”

former Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack said: “let me impressed is Dataminr is how to use social media to get the message quickly, the faster than watching it on television news.”

Mack also supports the Lending Club listed Corp and become the members of the board of directors.

in addition to Banks and financial institutions, some famous financial executives also gave Dataminr great support. Including Mack, Citigroup (Citigroup Inc), former CEO Vikram Pandit, Thomson Reuters (Thomson Reuters) former CEO Tom Glocer and London hedge fund GLG Partners, co-founder of Noam Gottesman.

Source: WSJ

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