Mysterious prison network world: prisoners have the right to use the Internet?

on January 2, 2014, a supplier of truck into the center of sierra leone’s entrance. It is a medium-sized state prison in California James foothills of. The guards were stationed at the entrance, holding a female named Duchess Belgium Mary’s dog. That is a play in California CDCR number K – 9 contraband unit of dogs. When the truck driver waiting through the toll-gate, Duchess started around the rear of the truck. All of a sudden, she began excitedly roar. Seems to be hiding something hidden there.

when the police examined the truck, they found a lot of contraband: three pipe all-purpose adhesive, four super glue, six rolls of paper, and three and a half pounds of loose tobacco. However, these goods the most valuable is not a drug, but a plastic bag containing 15 phone and twelve chargers.

in view of the importance of digital connection in the world, the mobile phone is correctional institutions across the country with drugs and weapons contraband list may not be surprising. Since 2012, the California department of corrections and rehabilitation (CDCR) has seized more than 30000 mobile phones from the national infrastructure. In 2013 alone, discipline, Florida department confiscated 4200 mobile phones from the state prison. Sometimes, banned mobile phones a into the prison. Or, the phone is a one-off delivery. In 2013, only a medium eastern Texas prison raids, authorities seized phone 45 and 52 charger. The captured booty has been buried the recycle bin.

prison and prison is considered to be technical blind spots. In all but the most easy, the lowest security facilities, mobile phone is not can be provided to the prisoner. Personal laptop computers, tablet computers and other network connection device. Federal prison has been Corr Link, TRULINCS and E-mail system, let inmates to send information, for approval in advance communication with the outside world. However, a broader Internet application is still forbidden. In many prisons, the pay phone is the most advanced communications equipment approved for use in ordinary prisoners.

on the surface, although in correctional institutions in the United States are and illegal activities of science and technology. Some prisoners use prohibited cell phone send information with their relatives. Some use Facebook and Twitter complaining about their living conditions, and to be held in other prison inmates organize collective activities. Prisoners longed for the freedom of network and correctional officers, however, want the prisoners from the communications equipment, it has caused the new tensions.

“it is a game of cat and mouse,” California public information officer Simas described. “Exactly speaking, into the way of countless prison, want to make sure that it is impossible to put all the way to cut off.”

a month-long investigation shows that: in some states, prisoners in prison still participate in the social media survey. And many of them was a frequent visitor to the media. Some prisoners connected to the Internet through a proxy server (for example: a prisoner’s family members have the prisoner Facebook password, you can use this account to send information). Yet other prisoners are directly from the mobile web site.

“has been held for two weeks, followed by the third week. Relatives and send my letter must have piled up. Wealth for me being in prison is only a blessing. If you give me a good piece of bologna sandwiches, even full again, I think I will be the Wolf down ate it… “A Facebook users wrote in October last year. West Virginia is a must for the user name and the name of the federal prisoners serving. And seems to be the prisoners in once stayed two prison successfully published articles.

“everybody is good, I want to say hi to you and tell you that I am an open prison service,” another federal prisoners wrote (the prisoner for armed robbery and higher safety facilities in Texas prison), “don’t worry, buddy. Two gangs in my site, so I can’t get away.” The prisoner described (the name of the two prisoners have been editing hidden to protect them from punishment.)

in the same way, other social networking sites is filled with all sorts of evidence of illegal activity. A man named Acie that Vine by mobile phone users to upload the video some time long six seconds. These video recorded, he and his fellow inmates dancing, bored and wacky imitation of life. (the user a bandage on his face in the video, to hide their identity.)

many phones are correctional officers smuggled into prison (the mobile phone is usually correctional officers to each hundreds or thousands of dollars to sell), but this is not the only way. Last year, the Mississippi reformatories for $1.3 million to build 40 feet high protection network to prevent mobile phone and other contraband was thrown into prison. At present, the K – 9 mobile detection unit to work together with discipline departments across the country, hope to effectively curb the mobile phone is wanton circulation status. And New York department of discipline for prison seats, equipped with a special perspective called B.O.S.S. (Body Orifice Security Scanner Body Orifice Security Scanner). The seat design effectively prevent the visiting personnel through vaginal or anal smuggling mobile phones risk. Discipline department reported in visiting the way people hide the phone inside the mashed potatoes, ramen noodles and baby diaper bags.

“prisoners is very smart and imagination is very rich,” said Simas. “They will be a lot of free time with an intelligent mind developed to get incisively and vividly, this makes us very shocked.”

phone once inside the prison in popularity, they are treated as emergency call tools and entertainment equipment. In 2013, Oklahoma, a survey has found since January 2012, case of illegal use of mobile phones in prison number more than 3000. Evidence of these cases are from the social networking sites. Nashville channel 4 in a similar survey study found that in Tennessee prison, more than 100 prisoners can use a mobile phone on Facebook wantonly. Moreover his drug use and use other contraband. (since the results of the survey after exposure, Tennessee authorities to investigate 17 prison, more than 70 prisoners disciplined.) In 2010, a group of prisoners of Georgia, in the form of a hunger strike to protest, they did it to fighting for the right to the use of mobile phones. “We send and receive information fairly frequently,” a protester in the face of the New York times reporter said, at the moment, however, in his prison, probably ten percent of prisoners is playing with the phone.

use the phone being caught in prison punishment can be severe. In 2010, in federal prison internal introducedthecell phones were identified as the crime. States have adopted their own laws and strict principles governing this kind of crime. No. 26, 2011, the state senate bill: owned or circulation in prison the mobile devices such as mobile phones can cause crime. In Florida, mobile phones smuggled into the prison was sentenced to three class a felony, namely the highest sentenced to five years. In Mississippi, highest can be sentenced to 15 years, this sort of behavior. Federal prison authorities described in a 2011 report: “the prisoner the illegal use of mobile phones there is great potential safety hazard. They can communicate by phone, conceal. This is easy to constitute a more serious crime. It was the same as drug trafficking, harass others bad effect.

at the forefront of illegal phone problem there is a device called “controlled access system”. This device can intercept them before arriving on information carrier tower. Equipped with the system, in prison prison cell phone in the permitted range can be normal use. And from illicit phone voice calls, information and data will be blocked. So far, controlled access system has been widely applied in Texas, Madeleine, lanzhou, California, Georgia and Mississippi, prisons, and was a significant success. CDCR reported controlled access system, calif., since its opening, has risen from 77600 independent illicit communication equipment of intercepting accumulated 12 million illegal communication. (states, by contrast, there are about 105 kinds of criminal illegal communication attempt.)

a controlled access system installation costs more than $1 million. But some prisons have found a by working with external suppliers, in order to reduce costs. In California, for example, a Global Tel * Link – a private company operating in interstate telephone system, installed in correctional institutions controlled access to the system, and need not submit any fee to the state, this is part of the exclusive contract for five years. (this deal makes sense: Global Tel * Link companies believe that if the prisoner’s wireless network is cut off, they will get more profit from a pay phone.)

prison officials understand the dangers of smuggling mobile phones, they were similar: the expression of criminals can use business phone harassment victims, threatening the witnesses or criminal activity planning. However this is not alarmist. Prison authorities reported, in 2007, a plan to murder the witness Maryland prisoners with mobile phones. In 2012, mass interstate 40 people in connection with drug trafficking prosecution by indiana law enforcement officers. Then, after check, two inmates trading for drug use cell phone plan provided by the guards.

however, a lot of prisoners use a mobile phone just to entertain yourself, protect yourself by yourself in prison and was eliminated by the tide. Mobile phones can let them easily get in touch with lover and loved ones, and don’t have to pay for expensive. On social media sites, you will find many prisoners daily record. They use photographs to record their life: watch TV, sing, from a store of hoarding junk food and tattoos. Said that these activities are illegal, dangerous, I’m afraid it is difficult to convincing. (in some cases, the smuggling of mobile phone even can protect the safety of the prison. In 2012, a south Carolina the prisoner with his telephone inform the prison authorities, a guard captured became a hostage, successful rescue this information to the guards.)

“who always likes to make trouble guy, nine times out of ten is to want to get in touch with society,” said Michael santos (note: cloud network editor king hunting Michael santos is famous as a writer, teacher, prison reform advocates. He was in federal prison for drug trafficking sentenced to 26 years, released in 2013. “Will be the use of mobile phones in prison judged guilty will increase the risk of criminals in prison again.” Santos described, “prisoners to live in the Stone Age, when the prisoners back to society so it is difficult to adapt to the work outside.” Santos said: “frankly, banned the use of mobile phones is a human rights abuses.”