Musk happy and sorrow: capsules won a $900 million investment, tesla sales

this paragraph of time for musk is mixed, happy is the company won the new money is more powerful to promote the company’s business development, the performance of care is the tesla far from expected.

according to Google submitted to the securities and exchange commission (SEC) file, confirmed that the company late last month to the musk to raise capital injection of $900 million, to support the latter continue exploration and innovation in space technology. In addition to Google, Fidelity also participated in the investment and combined them holding account for nearly 10% of total equity to ferry company.

when musk do ferry project is seen by many as crazy moves, not only in technology but also in big money on consumption is larger. Today, after multiple tests, inspections space shuttle program also in advance, and made progress in part test.

musk another company – tesla messy recently, China sales after a dismal musk wrath fired a number of senior executives in China, and also to other countries, the head of the warning, behind the moves is serious in tesla’s performance is so low.

according to results released today, tesla in the fourth quarter of last year on revenue of $956.7 million, compared to $761 million a year earlier, but below Wall Street expectations of $1.21 billion. Since the fourth quarter of last year the tesla sold 9834 cars, not to achieve sales goals needed to 11000 vehicles last year.