Musk about tesla dilemma: China was misled by speculators and scalpers

note: hunting cloud before and after the Spring Festival, tesla China concentrated outbreak, sales downturn, executive instability, elon musk, is take China regional sales head to warn other areas. But behind all of this is originated from the Chinese market of puffiness, musk recently explained in an interview with the media behind the real problem. The following content from xinhua:

xinhuanet Beijing, March 27 (reporter Han Miao Wang Xiuqiong)

tesla motors CEO elon musk, 27, told the xinhua news agency reporters in an interview with, tesla is committed to develop the Chinese market for the long term, and possibly to realize localization production within three years.

“we for the development of the Chinese market has a strong, long-term, hoping to set up local production and design base in China.” Musk said it could achieve in 3 years time.

tesla was established in 2003 in California, USA. In 2013, tesla open order for the Chinese market, in April 2014, the first batch of Chinese owners car delivery. At present, in the Chinese market sales of tesla are imported from California.

musk says, this kind of situation will continue for a period of time, because the tesla is not implemented in California factory full load operation. Once reached full capacity, will begin to implement the tesla localization in overseas markets.

there are reports that tesla last year’s sales in China is not as expected, even led to some of the executives. Musk, also has told the media that tesla to develop the Chinese market process last year. This, he told reporters in an interview with the China team with full confidence.

, he explained, when just entered the Chinese market, speculators and “scalpers” caused the market demand for the appearance of “extremely high”. Later, when speculators to cancel the orders, inventory is increased.

“China is the tesla only have extra stock markets worldwide. We are still in the digestive inventory.” But musk said at the same time, tesla’s new car is not discounted.

he half-jokingly said tesla currently in recovery of legacy “speculation”. Now, he says, tesla will put all his energy into core consumers, including solve the problem they worry most about charging.

musk said, tesla is a sharp expansion in China super charging station, and the mobile power supply to all Chinese consumers, let they can charge anytime and anywhere.

meanwhile, tesla will also improve maps and navigation system. This week has a software upgrade, the next few months will release based on real-time traffic route selection software.

he emphasized that some people mistakenly believe that tesla is very big, but it is only a fledgling is still in the company of “infancy”.

in addition to the expansion of the charging infrastructure, tesla will also be in the service center, open more dealerships.

musk said that, in the past three months, tesla’s stable growth in sales in China, they “fairly optimistic about the future development.

“we are very clear, want to think about tesla in China from the view of long-term development. We need to steadily improve China’s consumer confidence in tesla.” Musk said.

he also thinks that China’s economic slowdown will not impact on tesla’s China strategy. “China is now, and future are very attractive.”