Music box: a mobile the H5 based tool, keep the cell phone is no longer cold

(text/sun ce)

from the start, 14 pages based on HTML 5 quickly captured everyone’s weibo micro letter, which has attracted people’s attention. H5 form of marketing page with its short production cycle, the characteristics of high transmission efficiency got the favour of many enterprises. At present, the use of H5 marketing page frequency increase rapidly, in view of the enterprise play also emerge in endlessly. So, individual users to see if there is demand for H5 page production sharing?

music box is a Angle of H5 tool from individual users, users in different scenarios, the page on the mobile end quick record and share interesting content. Now from the point of the wedding invitations, let users under the guide of music box, the upload picture and the content of the fun, invited to the wedding story of generation with high readability. That contains both the function of the traditional wedding invitation, you can also add some based on mobile Internet fun features, such as message interaction, guests statistics, etc.

music box product has the functions including the following:

1, DIY independent creation. The user can according to the given music box storyline upload words and images, generate your own story.

2, elegant templates choice. In each scenario (such as wedding story), music box for the user to provide a different style of the template, let the user story lively and interesting, full of temperature.

3, share more platform. After making a responsive page, users can share in micro letter, weibo, etc. Various social platform.

“we let users’ through phone, making” and “to create high quality content” gradually found a balance, this may be all content production kind of APP are faced with the problem. “The music box, co-founder of li bo told hunting cloud network.

music box does not like the wedding that the wedding invitations, wedding after transformation electricity company, also don’t like Maka, cloud to the page to help enterprises to make marketing as the core business of the company. Single from “site” this point of view, music box with strikingly this tool has some similar mobile end, with all kinds of light blogging content generation also have some similar.” Competition is not so much, we feel a little bit more appropriate complementary, we have our own characteristics, other companies also have their own characteristics, technically we don’t have special similar competing goods. “Li said.

for the company’s long-term orientation, music box team, said: “the late do parent-child stories, pet stories, stories, etc., in the New Year we want to make a copy of experience as a wedding invitation to other scenarios, launched a different version of the story, let users based on our guidance, probably in a short time to make a high quality of story content. For producer, may be more than a scenario based on moving the H5 tool, for visitors, is likely to be a vertical community scene filled with high quality content. “

li bo to hunt cloud network, said the current music box products online about three months, about 5000 couples have made a invitation letter or the gift of love, case reading has amounted to millions, the average reader residence time for 3 minutes. “Visible, the user can indeed produce high value content with high readability. Considering the wedding to the particularity of this scenario, we think the current users or good, we other scenarios such as pet stories, such as parent-child stories after launch, user growth should be faster.”

for the exploration of business model, music box than other start-ups more positive. “Let us efforts to grind the product to let more users to use the music box. At present, we have been trying to some value-added service charges, such as the definition of music, such as case forever, second, more fun cool charge will develop a series of templates, make standard of development and design at the same time, let the other designers to participate in the design and development, we, as a small amount into flat Taiwan side. In addition, the late will guarantee under the premise of the user experience for some advertising cooperation. “Music box team said.

according to hunting cloud network experience, integral feeling is good, but in the process of making H5 page slightly more complicated, it may affect the use of small white users; Secondly, the current music box with stories and template is less, may not be able to satisfy the users more emotional expression. The music box products form has two kinds of web and web app.

music box team, said: we want users in this “link when people cut into pieces by a mobile phone is gradually” era, in this unique way to create more interesting and fun, moved the content. Keep the cell phone is no longer cold, connect more and more people, spread the positive energy.

tell hunting cloud network team, music box products before launch has got millions of level of plum blossom angel angel investment, plan in the middle of this year, to be more scene launched after A period of time, the company would launch A round of funding plan. The current team size 10 people.