MSG: from the recruitment website, do high-end private information demand docking platform

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for micro, small and medium enterprises, the difficulties encountered in the development of talents, resources, in order to get superior team focused, high price please search, heavily for masters, platform structures absorb superior to join, but experts always seemed to be not interested. In fact, experts don’t worry about work, and master the real appeal – not always thinking about job-hopping, but also want to use their own experience and resources to help people in need on them. From the demand point of view, “ace to help” option from the recruitment, part-time or consultant in a variety of ways, such as cut, can yet be regarded as a good business idea.

master for positioning is the master and the demand of high-end private platform that can solve the user “find” and “expert” find the two-way demand. Ace to help COO GengGuoChen hunting cloud network interview said that “in the era of big capricious, small and medium-sized enterprises recruit master hard, keep ace is the bottleneck of enterprise development, and the master should also be the embodiment of the value, opportunity to energy, to this, the expert help just become a middle platform, can let the resources and experience flow like water.”

the question comes, what is the so-called masters? GengGuoChen explained that master for the eyes of the master mainly from two aspects of working years and working experience. Specific to point to in the areas of focus has 8 years of skills, be familiar with all kinds of methods and tools, and able to skillfully use in different projects, such as can change numerous for brief, by feeling it can find the key to the problem, when problems arise, they also in the diagnosis, has observed points and three times five divided by two of the problem solved several scenarios. From hunting cloud network experience, superior help all superior to join are real-name certification, and achieved artificial and verified to ensure that the quality of the master.

at present, the ace to help collect 20000 members, director level above, from IBM, amazon, China mobile, Fujitsu, HP, accenture, SAP, SAS, lenovo, DELL, SOHU, BAIDU, alibaba, China construction bank, each focus area has more than 10 years of professional experience. According to GengGuoChen masters with an average age of 38 years old, with gold as valuable experience in this field and resources. Ace to help members covers the technology, management, finance, operations, products, and other areas of the core, the player can not only provide valuable industry experience, but also through their high-end resources to support enterprises in the industry and help the project succeed.

masters do not recruitment platform, more than dating community, but the private information industry in the high-end demand docking platform. In addition to the circle of powerful, in order to better improve service, on the software environment, superior help through large data service platform, accurately to ensure compatibility demand, assurance requirements can get response at any time. Ace to help the background information processing team, are from the company’s technical talent and human resources community leaders, on the technical level to ensure that conveys the ace to help information processing precision.

at present, expert help synchronous open the PC and WeChat side, PC named MSG, WeChat side named “connections treasure – ace to help”, its meaning is: “high-end networking platform”. Team is actively seeking angel round. GengGuoChen to hunt cloud network, said the recent join expert help, still can obtain master “emergency”, freely available 3 expert help.

in hunting cloud network point of view, “MSG” platform can help small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs find part-time work, quickly and easily find business partners, expert consultant, the solution of the current recruitment website can’t solve the problem; For people at the top end at the same time, not only can in itself be a positive and value, more can get more cooperation opportunities. But due to the particularity of master to help market demand, decided to use frequency is very low, so the market development and the future business model to explore and there are many needs to solve the problem.