Mr. CAI: business 2.0, entrepreneurs and investors to present what changes

in yesterday afternoon with the long led by innovation works, very serious fund investment to set up a joint three “heroes” on, grass-roots entrepreneurs, RON brought investment founder Mr. CAI to share his view of the domestic venture capital market change, reflect on entrepreneurs and investment institutions, respectively.

he pointed out that the current Internet startup into 2.0, the first generation of web startups is mainly to make money, but the second generation of web startups is largely to ideal, want to do something you want to do; Difficulties in the process, the entrepreneur is not only within the same industry competitors will be more traditional industry evolved into the competition, the era of personal heroes fight alone has been largely farewell.

at the same time, investment institutions and the relationship between entrepreneurs slowly reverse happens, mainly is the VC projects chosen before, now you can go to your selected investors. In addition, under the new situation, new trend shifting more test the eye of investors, whether it’s angel investors or institutional investment has already started to work together to help entrepreneurs start more rapid growth.

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we know that China’s Internet business is initially driven by the returnees, from 1988-1999, zhang them with overseas money, business mode and elite come back to China, started the history of the Internet, entrepreneurial opportunities. Behind but we know that as more and more Chinese users, as China’s grounding gas such as ma, ma they stand out more, so to actually returnees come back to China after 2000, basically it’s really hard to success, in addition to the first.

until xiao-ping xu, I think he is really a reversed the trend. Because sea turtles don’t know more about China, only to come to China just to be a COO, but deng xiaoping, he does not believe this evil, he help some returnees come back to China venture, but he help them connect to enrage, is also owing to their choice to return to China with renewed the students overseas returnees entrepreneurial boom at the same time, as are doing very well now.

I itself is a very typical developed from the grassroots, anyway, I also have business, also for the project, in the process also has the understanding of the many basic user in China, so I think that just the three of us would hit it off to set up such a platform (hunting cloud note: heroes), then can help more entrepreneurs because in fact China’s entrepreneurial environment also entered the 2.0, began to lee teacher mentioned 2.0 I’m surprised, because we did not communicate in advance, I imagine, too, 2.0 entrepreneurs in three major change.

2.0 entrepreneurs three major change

how about the first change, early 90% of entrepreneurs is to make money, I believe that including then li ma, too, when a startup is more in order to make money, in order to survive, in order to improve our own lives, so there is no doubt about it. so the first generation of web startups is to make money, but by now the second generation, especially there have been some companies, in big companies get stock cash, they entered the second phase of the business, a bit more for their ideals, in order to change the society as a whole, in order to change the environment, and to change the world, so it’s a different of the second generation entrepreneurs.

so the second point is different, the I think entrepreneurs more people is a heroic age before, also is to rely on a person’s idea, rely on one person’s mind, so to accomplish a big company, but the difficulty is becoming more and more big. Not to say no, just say if you can help more people, can make a good team, your success rate will be higher , because before you work on a project, or a product you can’t accumulated three years or four years.

what is the third different, before the Internet startup is more of a competition in the industry, so this kind of competition is relatively more junior, so we know that the Internet is to make the saliva battle, often argue each other on the Internet, but in the traditional industry is very cruel, that kind of competition is a variety of ways, I am here to say, is it really more cruel than the Internet. so in the future of web startups his face not just the Internet business, we know that the Internet has become a tool to cover the whole 80% of China’s population, so the rest of the population must be in the face of national competition, so it is also put forward new requirements for them, this is the three different entrepreneurs, version 2.0.



so for investors to enter the same version 2.0, I remember in 2004, before I went to see IDG excited I can barely a day and a night without sleep, so excited, because at that time China’s investment agency is too little, I remember 05 Google to find me, gave me a business card, almost all the Internet people see that business card like see god worship, but that’s not the case today.

now angel investment, VC is too much, now you want to find a good entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneur is an investor, you can choose or the investment institution, this is a change.

the second change as we today would be established the purpose of the gathering of heroes, a good project in order to let his rapid development, it is need to work together, there are two or three good institutions or investors together to help him, and his success may be faster, more secure. the angel investors or institutional investors have begun to expand the cooperative engagement, do you think we early know alibaba, big shareholders is a ma, you look at some of the more successful Internet project now, may be the inside of the VC has 7, 8, 10, and it is in the event of a major change. We today with complex with xiaoping we three cooperation is also the result of a turning point, so I believe that there will be more angel investors or other such institutions may also be the formation of such cooperative engagement, to better help entrepreneurs.

the third to the investors’ change is in the past we basically is the opportunity to bet on a sector, such as the Internet will be a success, as long as you read about the general will not be wrong, all items of other people even read the three inside it will have a very big success, down but I think the right investors requirements will be higher, not just in one direction, because now direction who don’t know, only we used to be very believe now who don’t believe, who does not know. More investors understanding of this industry, and understanding of the industry heart, he was able to find a good entrepreneurs can with entrepreneurs have a common good.

so to entrepreneurs to the investor has the very big change, if we three will be able to build such a chance, we hope to be able to give us some more experience to help entrepreneurs, allow them to grow faster, then faster to develop, thank you.

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