Mr. CAI: another 3 years, the top 20 rich basic is the Internet

note: hunting cloud prominent angel investors, the picture shows chairman Mr. CAI has in a public speech to share their understanding of investment, and the mobile Internet on the transformation of the traditional industry case, adding another 3 years, the top 20 rich is to do basic information and the Internet.

here are angels, the picture shows chairman Mr. CAI lecture transcript:

I’m stone lions, stone lions left in 1994, has been 20 years later. Investment and the creation of the company has been listed in the us city (58), Australian listed (TTG tao tao valley), two listed in Hong Kong (traveling holdings, flying fish science and technology).

stone lions have very good base, how to seize the opportunity to get a more long-term development? The next is to seize the outbreak of the mobile Internet, including the development of the Internet of things, even to produce new steps and started.

shishi, has reached a turning point. Stone lions in front of 20 years, because of trade and apparel industry, has been leading the economy, but many did not retain the industrial age, a lot of people to return to their hometown to open its own factories, not let them become partners increased level, missed the chance.

today, the whole world is changing, the Internet and high-tech development. Shishi requires new thinking, as long as see, seize the point, must be able to create a stone lion again.

stone lions in front of 30 years accumulated a huge capital, can be put into reproduction, but not necessarily to industrial investment, but cast information, biotechnology, or artificial intelligence.

China’s BAT or Google, and so on, are like Edison at that time, a power plant under construction. Edison’s company is CE (gm), now is not now the world’s largest companies, now company is the biggest apple, Google, Microsoft and other companies. This day and age, it is only through the Internet to create enterprise value, is the largest, as the time of the electrical appliances manufacturers.

all over the world revolution has transferred from industrialization to informatization. Why SONY, panasonic will go bankrupt? Shishi will face this problem? When the more developed your industry, the faster you will enter the knockout stage.

we have entered a material surplus of time, we will be sewed in the past, now is to buy more clothes, because of the fashion needs. The richest person in the United States, in the last 30 years the basic is bill? Gates and buffett, industrial base is not important.

if the previous twenty years of Chinese’s richest man, perhaps the real estate, automobile, information industry and other industries, so since last year, in the top 10 richest man has 5 is the Internet, and in three years, the top 20 rich are all basic information and the Internet will do.

I to share investment under three:

the first inspired: partner system, more promising

about investment, before we do business, invest in a factory if need 1 million, five people according to the actual investment to do shares accounted for, but in the future, may be a big of small, then find someone capable of big stocks.

if you are in a higher salary to hire the other party, so if he’s cattle, sooner or later he would himself out to dry. You only use partner system, let him become a partner, he will be more efforts to struggle, enterprise development will form.

second revelation: invest to have a willingness to take risks

China’s BAT, basic it is with the American VC (VC), such as jack ma, alibaba he only accounted for 8%, a 10% stake in ma huateng of tencent, robin li, baidu 17% stake in these companies are earning money is foreigners. But why don’t take these companies or can’t get the money to China?

more adventurous foreign VC investment, might vote ten projects is a success, but is enough to make up the other failed projects, and Chinese investors hope for the first project will be successful.

the third revelation: do investors don’t interfere in

there is a traditional error, investors are like watching each other’s financial situation, VC tried not to interfere in and abroad. Tencent doug Millard is the largest shareholder from South Africa international holdings group co., LTD. (MIH), 50% of tencent, never go to the tencent company to work, also do not interference, even many people ignore the existence of it. It had used $12.6 million acquisition of equity from Hong Kong’s hands, now value hk $450 billion.

since 1995 in the Internet, at present has experienced three stages:

1, the first generation is k yahoo era (1995-2000)

the paper online to do classification information and human editors, the corresponding Chinese companies is sohu and sina.

2, the second generation is the rise of Google (2000-2005)

Google become the representative of the Internet, to complete accurate search algorithm. Why it can beat yahoo? Because at that time to get the information, you can’t find it in yahoo. Google put all the information integrated in, through the complexity of algorithm, the output of the simple, what do you want, will give you the answer. The corresponding enterprise is baidu in China.

3, the third generation of Facebook, Myspace stage (2005-2010)

why it can beat the first two? Because the first two don’t have any relationship with you. It is not the real Internet, haven’t connect us and content. In an age of Facebook, everyone has become the content acquisition, is also the content contributors. Social networks, and everyone involved.

on Facebook, you can browse a lot of things every day, also can contribute a lot of content, domestic microblogging is the same type, this time is real.

in the past, we will only go to three portal advertising, is very dull. Then in baidu, is the keyword advertising. Now through weibo micro letter for users, is more important.

began in 2015, began to a bigger change?

portal age, 40, 50, a lot of people don’t have to, but today, such as real-time interactive micro letter, man-machine combination product, really put all of the people and information together.

Facebook only on the PC and mobile, however, only move the things is the direction of the future and also is the Chinese people’s biggest opportunity and stone lions.

in the mobile Internet, the Chinese people for the first time in the stage of the world’s leading. Smart phone coverage reached 75%, China’s Internet users PC $8, 2015 mobile terminal is expected to have 2015. Spread on the mobile end is not as good as the Chinese in the United States, only 65%, only 16% in India, many southeast Asian countries and Brazil, Mexico and only teens.

China for the first time at the leading stage, China has a millet, zte, huawei, such as a representative of company to help us to make the cheaper mobile terminals.

the Internet what stage now?

real must be: to promote the development of the Internet e-commerce.

jack ma’s alibaba why worth 280 billion dollars? All the things will return to a nature: e-commerce, also is making money. How to use e-commerce to next? Still want to return to social networks. PC is more tools, mobile phone makes everyone node, simply to advertise or times in the past the club’s official website.

some characteristics of the Internet:

1, birds of a feather flock together:

the strong stronger, fast fish eat slow fish stage, there are finally will only top three on the Internet. In 2010, Obama’s election for the first time, then the entire us polls show him leading than Mr McCain is not too much, but we know that the real vote happens when a significant change. Obama to win, because he use the social network, voters will choose change because people around, when the Internet, you will be looking for relevant information online, it will have an effect.

will buy stocks, for example, you can go to the Oriental wealth network see the strands of discussion, it is often wrong, when you think of the stock will rise, when you go online to find more information only see also support, will ignore the reason does not go up, this is the type effect.

2, crowdsourcing:

Facebook last year bought the whatapp, spent $12 billion, whatapp employees only 55 employees, and the basic income is zero. Why spend such a large cost? Actually whatapp to tens of millions of users are his employees, whatapp many users themselves in structures, information and communication, and whatapp what don’t have to pay their wages.

why jack ma powerful? Because he also built a platform, on which there are thousands of tens of thousands of sellers in automatic add content, this is the way through a free, let others to do the work for you, this is the most valuable.

3, sharing:

when you are making a clothing website, is there any way to let your customer to submit opinions, experience, using social network to share purchase experience? Want to know, even if a small thing, if you can let a person go free spread, is very meaningful, everyone is the creator of the content and communication node.

like we share this time will be, if in the traditional era, by the city government documents issued, is slowly; But if through weibo, WeChat information sharing out the speech, can form a chain reaction, spread from one node to another node, and basic is zero cost.

the three characteristics of the Internet, good at using, seize them, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

until today in development of the Internet, has entered into the mobile Internet era. Down the business, what can we do?

1, the first to share a few cases.

case 1: the United States a taxi UBER application software, worth nearly $40 billion, is a help you simply call a taxi company. Sometimes you travel is less than a taxi, it took some car idle people link, (in the early days of China is called the black car. Domestic drops fast and is also one of the types, their value has billions of dollars, they both want to burn more money, to beat each other, becoming the first).

case 2: the United States an international professional rental network, it put the idle house rented out by the Internet, know last year began to be popular. We have to live in 5 star hotel in Paris, 4000 yuan a day, but many people in Paris are also wants to travel to the United States, out of their house is empty, why not rent out? If we can find a clean house, as long as 1000 yuan, why not us? Originally we why done this thing? Because the distrust. But now because of the social network, everyone is to use micro letter, weibo registration, everyone has a lot of data.

there are people afraid to rent out of the house, is dirty room, break things, afraid of being slaughtered. But, now you go in social software, the landlord may choose to people, the landlord can request information, go to see the person’s relevant information, whether the other party.

and we can also choose to comment on the good house, because each of the landlord will have numerous comments: room clean degree and so on, this time we are free to search. Growing company changed the whole industry chain, it produces of housing more than 10 million sets, every day more than a chain hotel any houses in the world.

we have countless resources, can be changed back. Recently, lei jun investment U + apartment, I personally have participated in the investment, it is to transform unused residential building and factories into youth apartment, run jointly by entrepreneurs, and then assigned to entrepreneurs. This way will be more in the future.

2, will be able to make complex things simple, single function clear:

the case, “beauty”. It can let everybody director’s dream. According to normal circumstances, if you want to clip a good video, you must have the clip machine, then edit, tie-in and music, and beauty is very simple, you are responsible for photographed, and automatically give you add music, plus scenarios, and patterns, and so on, came out a good work. The beauty shoot video 10 seconds long, later will be out for a minute, an hour, and so on. By that time, everyone is the director of life.

case: “Snapchat burn after reading” chat, everyone chat after 24 hours, content will disappear.

3, to transform traditional processes, subversive stereotype

millet, why start a business four years ago, the market value can be from 0 to 40 billion dollars? Lei jun himself didn’t think so fast. It depends on what success? Traditional industries do mobile phones, such as lenovo, it will initially sent dozens of experts to market research, and then according to the opinion of the feedback to consider how far do mobile phones, pricing, configuration.

then experts to Yang yuanqing mesa, by his word, wait to finish production, looking for star endorsements, spread channel, this is the traditional model. Clothing, also about the pattern, imitate various style, first come to the conclusion what style, and then orders proofing production, again through the channel sales.

and millet? Lei jun is in Posting a weibo first: I’m going to do mobile phone, you to advice. Enthusiasts began to give opinions, and then he comprehensive everybody’s opinion. These opinions heard more than experts, more authoritative, then finally decided to production, but not blindly typesetting order production, but by making the reservation, reach millions of book was put into production.

even if 3 million booking, also will only 1 million sets of production, first find the factory after the production, the phone directly to the Courier to the hands of consumers. It don’t expert, don’t channel cost, inventory, even if its profit is very low, but it can make money instead, occupy the market, this is the so-called millet mode, all the middle tier removed. We do clothing, this model can be considered.

58 city turned out to be a simple distribution information, namely distribution information of the newspaper. Then launch “58 home”, a nanny, looking for 58 directly, this is the so-called OTO, so call home. Abroad have no this model, the key is that the future of services will remove the middle layer, to subvert the traditional industry.

must be good at using the Internet platform for the foundation, for example, if you can make a stone lion’s largest products and service, also good, like you do a housekeeping in shishi, 58, Simon does not necessarily have to sign up for an account, the most annoying is a registered account, you can use the WeChat and microblogging service.