Morning: zhou photographed with lei jun door, samsung new laptop

May 27 (text/who)

Zhou Hongyi sun with lei jun was the photo of millet official “face”

qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi in weibo drying out eating with lei jun, and said it is working with lei jun to discuss how to speaking in English. Net friend after seeing the photo, comment in succession, poking fun at zhou “You OK?” . But “millet company spokesman officer then said in a news release, with zhou lei jun is not in English speech.

lei jun in more than 11 o ‘clock last night forward millet smart charger weibo said so a words: “millet smart socket is also a USB charger.” U, SB, everybody to feel.

samsung new laptop

samsung electronics won the United States patent and trademark office a new patent, according to samsung is innovative research and development a new laptop, in a traditional laptop keyboard, insert a smartphone, can act as a “brain” of notebook computer. Notebook operating system, will also come from the smartphone.

this way to fit a little too direct.

samsung announced a merger of two subsidiary

Samsung announced that it would merge its DE facto holding company for the first hair company (Cheil Industries Inc.) and Samsung building trading company Samsung C& T Corp., the combined company name as “Samsung C& T “. The merger will make the son of samsung chairman lee kun-hee lee jae-yong further consolidate the position in the company.

Re/code parent company acquired by Vox media

the science and technology news site Re/code announced that its parent company “Revere digital company” has been the United States “Vox media company purchase, but did not disclose the amount of mergers and acquisitions. Re/code will join family Vox media, the website will also be another “bare-foot brother” science and technology news site TheVerge, future web sites will still be in the same brand and the leadership team to continue to operate.

American and British Uber users encounter ghost orders

in America and Britain some Uber users reported that they had no knowledge of his Uber order was to collect fees, some users losses reached thousands of pounds. After the Uber request related departments to investigate, the United States federal bureau of investigation (FBI) has an investigation on the matter.

Uber themselves don’t check out the reason? The FBI also need?

taxi for Uber launched mass protests in Mexico City

in Mexico City hundreds of taxi drivers blocked main roads, asked related departments to blow the Uber. In response, Uber announced that the day will provide more than 300000 registered users with two price is lower than 150 pesos ($10) a taxi service free of charge. Supporters poking fun at the taxi driver often do not change, do not play table, or simply refuse.

when you protest rob business should also reflect on their bad behavior. Uber with free not only to retain users, but also confirmed its own high-quality service.

Vietnam’s first independent research and development of smart phone call Bphone

Vietnam’s most famous technology company Bkav issued the first independent research and development of smartphone Bphone. Bphone sells for 10 million Vietnamese dong ($500). Its configuration looks pretty good, comparable to the iPhone 6 Plus. From the point of company background, Bkav is a bit like the blackberry company, it may be thought for the Vietnamese government to provide a more secure mobile phone.

the apple once again be transcended, um, Vietnam.

huawei honor signed 10 billion yuan purchase order with the jingdong

huawei honor and jingdong mall announced a 10 billion yuan worth of strategic procurement agreement, the agreement also hit a phone category jingdong the largest purchase agreement. The two sides also will further deepen cooperation, such as the starting platform strategy together. Huawei honor President zao Ming said, the glory is jingdong first cooperation Internet mobile phone brand, the first electric business platform of the glory of partners is jingdong.

jingdong, you don’t forget and meizu and agreement of 6 billion.

copyright cooperation play ali literature open card

ali literature at a 2015 strategy conference, announced in mobile reading as the breakthrough point, layout of the network literature market; Released at the same time in view of the author and copyright cooperation policy, build open strategy of copyright, and partners share the copyright, willing to put the publication of the works, anime adaptation, game, film and television adaptation of copyright all profits to partners.

this is going to ali into tencent, you account for all the resources, I even losing money USES to come from.

motion optimization CEO Cui Xiaoqi leaving entrepreneurship

the optimal CEO Cui Xiaoqi motion has to submit application for leave, and will be leaving at the end of the month, former vice President of procurement will army will take over. The optimal motion says Cui Xiaoqi resignation because of personal reasons, there are news Cui Xiaoqi will enter the field of O2O business.

online platform motion optimization and offline stores hey guest integration, leaving entrepreneurship because two carrots a pit?

to get a certain scale of vc entrepreneurial talent can be directly in Shanghai

Shanghai announced “about to speed up the construction of science and technology innovation center of 22 opinion”. Opinion, to obtain a certain size of vc entrepreneurial talent and the operation of the core team, in the city management wind investment gold reached a certain scale and great performance of venture capital management has been market tested operating personnel and the core team, shall be directly enter a introduction.

Cui Xiaoqi do you want to go to Shanghai?

kunlun ten thousand d for billions of dollars into the car after market

ten thousand d said a wholly owned subsidiary company to the kunlun South Korea as the investment main body, signed a series of investment agreement. Kunlun South Korea will provide Free Charm Investment Holdings CO., Inc., a $11 million Investment, a total of 31.8328 million shares for series B preferred shares, accounting for the target by 22% of the total shares of the company. Target company main business is e maintenance, supported by intelligent maintenance of automobile door maintenance services.

ctrip recapture Priceline’s $250 million investment in

Priceline will invest $250 million extra for ctrip. The investment will be through the form of convertible bonds, ctrip has agreed to Priceline through acquisition of ctrip’s American depositary shares in the open market (ADS) to increase its ctrip shares. Along with ctrip in August 2014 to $500 million in convertible bonds issued by Priceline, Priceline could hold at most 15% of ctrip shares outstanding.

century day pigeon interconnection and interaction become rich

century interconnection in the first quarter net revenue of 860.1 million yuan ($138.7 million), 586 million yuan year-on-year growth 46.8%; Net loss of 88.7 million yuan ($14.3 million), compared with the same period last year net loss of 151.4 million yuan.

day pigeon interaction in the first quarter of the total income of 186 million yuan, up 8.1% from a year earlier. Because since 2015 will no longer be convertible redeemable preference shares changes in fair value factors, company rights holders should account for 109.4% of the profits increase to 57.93 million yuan; Adjusted operating profit of 96.71 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 26%, adjusted net income of 75.1 million yuan, up 19.1% from a year earlier, the company gross margin of 84.3%.

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