Morning: Yumist obtain financing, such as baidu structure adjustment for three big enterprise groups

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Yumist, Swipe, the financing Pulsate

Yumist seed round of funding. investors for Orios Venture Partners, financing amount has not yet been released. Online Yumist food distribution enterprise was founded in October. After the financing, Yumist will continue to develop their production, technology and distribution infrastructure.

“Swipe” won $6.5 million in A round of funding. investors including Sherpa Ventures, First Round Capital, Binary Capital and Lowercase Capital, etc. Swipe is a photo sharing application, collection for anonymous + burn + card features.

“Pulsate” won a $12 million investment. investors for Paypal and Dunnihumby Ventures. Pulsate start-up project is a new generation of market marketing, mainly through collecting and other users in the App usage, location and preferences related to brand content and advertising, such as information push push partner for the existing or forthcoming App on the market.

apple announced a $2 billion investment to establish a global command center

apple announced Monday that it will invest 2 billion dollars in mesa, Arizona, set up a global command center. The command center is expected to employ 150 full-time staff, provide 300 to 500 construction and trading posts. Apple’s commitment to build solar power facilities, fully use of renewable energy power supply for the center.

architecture baidu adjustment for three big enterprise group

issue internal mail baidu founder and CEO robin li, baidu announced the existing group and division into three business groups: mobile service enterprise group, the emerging business enterprise groups, the search business group.

Netflix plans to raise $1 billion

online movie rental Netflix, it was officially announced that plans to issue bonds to raise $1 billion m, thought that the company’s other project financing, including “purchase content” and “a possible takeover.

Intel’s acquisition of companies Lantiq completion interconnected family board

to Lantiq Intel announced complete acquisition of the final agreement, the latter is a located in Munich, Germany, broadband access and home networking technology solutions provider. Intel to expand business in cable type residential gateway market, and to extend its product line to include DSL, fiber optic, LTE, retail and Internet of things intelligent router other gateway market.

the Verizon communications close to sell more than billions of dollar assets

Verizon communications close to reach a deal to sell its worth more than $10 billion in assets. Sources said the Verizon communications plans to sell assets include mobile phone towers and part of the fixed-line telephone service, etc. The deal involves multiple buyers, Verizon communications is expected to announced the deal later this week.

youku tudou released its own tablet price 999 yuan

youku tudou’s independent brand tablets “potato pie” will be officially listed in February, according to official news, February 9, potato pie will open in Su Ningyi purchase for booking online purchase, February 10 open purchase in the future, priced at 999 yuan and 480 yuan/year membership fee.