Morning: weaving such as financing, dong mingzhu with lei jun 1 billion bet has been revoked

cloud network hunting on February 10 (text/who)

weave diagram, former sea billiton Hudson won financing

woven figure for millions of us dollars. A round of funding. weave diagram of self-image is scene pictures social applications, its orientation is no longer a single image, but by multiple photos connection will have the dynamic scene photo album of the story, implement new image browsing. The funding will be used for marketing and expansion team.

sea before palmer’s best round the trousers industry $12.24 million investment. sea before Mr Johnson is a cross-border e-commerce company, is committed to the Chinese high quality electronic products sold to all over the world, has spawned three brand based on European and American electricity network operators collaterals. The market is already covered in 11 countries such as America, Britain, is now in the United States and parts of Europe to establish independent warehouse system.

dong mingzhu: with lei jun 1 billion bet had withdrawn

talk about “1 billion” bet. “If you check the change of millet, he has withdrawn the bet.” Dong mingzhu answer is, “because when he bet with me is the product, it is said that he now has entered the real estate industry. I think, some real estate is not in conformity with the bet me about conditions.”

aunt dong, please pass the headline. Thanks to wang teacher action in advance, and ziyi, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the headlines.

development and reform commission (NDRC) a $975 million fine for qualcomm

the national development and reform commission announced a $975 million fine for qualcomm, and for smartphone manufacturers authorized the use of the technology to set the terms. Qualcomm says there is no objection, will provide the basic technology licensing of 3 g and 4 g, and no longer requires the patent right to use the binding with the company of other patents, in a similar rate to China mobile phone manufacturers in other parts of the world patent license fee.

development and reform commission (NDRC) is renamed “punishment committee” instead? Cloud network silently look at Microsoft and symantec, hunting a knife-wielding feeling arises spontaneously.

TCL group, 280 million in the 712 communication

TCL group announced on February 6, communicate with tianjin broadcast group, the union signed the “equity transfer agreement”. TCL will be about 280 million yuan of value for the tianjin 712 communication radio co., LTD. 11% stake. The two sides will in stand-alone communication equipment and communication system, and other fields for further development and cooperation, and in more extensive in the application of the beidou navigation system to explore.

the 712 communications is a leading domestic military wireless equipment, navigation equipment suppliers.

LED wooden Tomlinson listed raised 960 million

LED lighting in China to speed up the popularization, known as the “price butcher” LED “MLS Co., Ltd.”, said the official launch the prospectus, plans to raise about $960 million, in order to expand production capacity and the added liquidity. Wood Tomlinson IPO plans to issue no more than 44.5 million shares, accounted for more than 10%, the total number of companies issuing shares after the price per share of 21.5 yuan.

Li – Fi light Internet already in development stage, and has proved its feasibility. Who, is also associated with light, hunting cloud network can only help you here.

sogou Q4 revenue of $119 million, smic Q4 revenue of $485.9 million

sogou in the fourth quarter of 2014 revenue of $119 million, up 70% from a year earlier, the profit of $18 million. The 2014 fiscal year, sogou revenue of $386 million, up 79% from a year earlier, profit of $33 million, to meet the annual sustainable profitability. 2014 annual search and navigation business income of $358 million, 2013 annual growth of 80%.

sogou CEO wang xiaochuan said: currently most sogou mobile traffic is produced from the cooperation with tencent. This is to marry a penguin sweet life after marriage.

smic posted fourth-quarter earnings: revenue of $485.9 million, and $491.8 million a year earlier. Profit of $28.4 million and $14.7 million a year earlier.

zte appointed executive vice President among the CTO

zte announced the appointment of company executive vice President among for CTO (chief technology officer), who in charge of the company strategy and platform and cable business, wireless arm, cloud computing & amp; The IT shop. Among in the zte, leading products have CDMA, CDMA1X, td-scdma LTE, FD – LTE, PRE5G, wireless charging, etc.