Morning: tick carpooling to negotiate with Uber, tesla end of new products

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tick carpooling to negotiate with Uber

carpooling application tick carpooling early investors Zhang Xuan said that he take a taxi with the United States application Uber cooperation talks. Investment for Uber tick carpooling can be in the rapid growth of China’s taxi service market to create a new source of revenue. At the same time, cooperate with tick carpooling can also drops a taxi and quickly formed a taxi market monopoly.

Google alleged monitoring Safari user behavior

UK Safari users have the right to receive in the UK to Sue Google, because Google bypass the browser’s privacy Settings, tracking the online behavior of users. Google tried to persuade the court before the case claim that Britain is not the case jurisdiction, because the consumer service is provided by a subsidiary of the United States, not provided by Google UK branch.

amazon will release domestic service platform Home Services

amazon will release the Home Services, domestic service platform for the customer provide convenient contact electricians, plumbers and painter, the move is to provide service for website sales of every product. Home Services allow customers to purchase 700 kinds of Services, including vehicle maintenance and repair, TV installation and household cleaning, but customers need prepaid expenses.

tesla by announcing a new product

elon musk newly published twitter, tesla will be released at 8 in the evening of April 30, a do not belong to the car class new products. At a news conference in February, musk, incidentally, mentioned that he is studying how to use the tesla’s battery technology to power supply for family. Tesla going to released at the end of April, a new product that may be the musk said family power supply products.

alibaba and bertelsmann digital music distribution agreement

the German music rights management company bertelsmann music group xuan music digital copyright distribution agreement with alibaba group. Alibaba spokesman said the deal would bring more than 2.5 million music copyright for alibaba. For the BMG, helps to stimulate the company profit growth, both this cooperation can also develop legal music business in China.

baidu cross-selling services cooperation agreement with China open online

China announced online service cooperation agreement signed with baidu, the two companies will through their service to cross-sell its own brands and products. According to the cooperation agreement, China open online can resell any services related to baidu direct number. Also, baidu can also use the first online brand and Business Direct 3.0, the name of the products and services to promote their own products.

shenzhen inspect bureau to ask enforcement fast sowing in 260 million fine

fast sowing was submitted to inspect bureau of shenzhen delay pay a fine application, apply for an extension for half a year, the reason is that companies are investigated, the business stop no source of income, but the staff still need to pay wages, unable to pay 260 million fine. Shenzhen inspect bureau agreed to fast information application, extended the pay time on December 25, 2014. Not too fast again to mention the extension application, shenzhen bureau did not agree to this time, and in 2015 on March 19, submitted to enforce the application, apply for compulsory execution quickly turned over 260 million fine. Shenzhen then has yet to decide now.

‘s regiment again to update the prospectus

today’s regiment again submitted to the securities and exchange commission prospectus supplement file. ‘s plan, at least 4.5 million shares through the IPO issuing ADS. This not announced the highest circulation. Range is $9 to 11. The highest amount used to calculate the cost us $59.33 million, prospectuses lower than last time.

Qingdao haier, midea, Letv, pigeon interactive Su Ningyun, day, hon hai rich

2014 Qingdao haier income 88.775 billion yuan, up 2.51% from a year earlier. Attributable to the parent company shareholders net income of 4.992 billion yuan, up 19.59% from a year earlier. Gross profit margin of 27.52%, year-on-year increase of 2.18%. Every 10 shares proposed to all the shareholders according to the distributing cash dividend of 4.92 yuan, at the same time to capital reserve every 10 turn add 10 shares to the shareholders.

beauty business revenue of 142.3 billion yuan in 2014, up 17% from a year earlier. Implement attributable to the parent company net profit of 10.5 billion yuan, up 44% from a year earlier. In order to establish long-term incentive mechanism, midea group launched partner stock ownership plan scheme for the core management team, and the second phase of the equity incentive plan of the business backbone.

music depending on 2014 revenue of 2014 yuan, up 188.79% from a year earlier. Attributable to common shareholders of listed companies net profit of 364 million yuan, up 42.75% from a year earlier. Le regard to all the shareholders for every 10 shares distributing cash dividend of 0.46 yuan, the total distributing cash dividend of 38.69 million.

Su Ningyun shang 2014 operating income of 108.9 billion yuan, up 3.45% from a year earlier, in which the third and fourth quarter revenue grew 15.90%, 16.31% respectively. In 2014, the company’s total profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies, net income 973 million yuan, 867 million yuan, up 573.62% from a year earlier, and 573.62%, respectively.

day pigeon interactive annual revenue of 692 million yuan, 548 million yuan more than the same period of last year’s 548 million yuan, up 26.3%; Excluding one-time expenses and preferred shares after the changes in fair value of the adjusted net income of 267 million yuan, up 29.6% from a year earlier.

hon hai in 2014 net profit rose by 22%. Hon hai’s 2014 net profit of nt $2014 ($4.17 billion), and net income of 106.7 billion new Taiwan dollars (nt $2013. Revenue of 4.21 trillion new Taiwan dollars (nt $2014, up 6.5% from a year earlier.

TongWenGong promoted novice network President

alibaba group COO, novice network CEO announced, appointed TongWenGong company President. TongWenGong said the novice network this year in addition to continue to build heaven, earth, people the formation of a large data set from net logistics service platform, will also power distribution network, express delivery network, terminal network and so on three networks, at the same time, increasing investment in rural logistics and cross-border logistics.

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