Morning: sugar nurses, ALICE financing, apple closing value of $700 billion

on February 11, hunting cloud network (text/who)

sugar nurses, ALICE received financing

sugar nurse team won tens of millions of yuan. A round of funding. sugar nurse is typical in diabetes care project “soft hard combination” product ideas, glucose meter, combined with their own management App. Sugar nurse team in November last year got rich and innovation works in the Asia investment of tens of millions of yuan A wheel.

concierge butler service application ALICE received $3 million VCS. ALICE is like a pocket concierge butler, help TA through APP easy to understand a series of relevant information and facilities in the hotel, also can make a gallery hall at any time, can also be a key to call a room service, or make an appointment to a Spa.

apple market value of over $700 billion a record

intraday market value in November last year had more than $700 billion a record level of today s market value of $710.7 billion, apple has become the first to reach the milestone of the company. Apple shares closed up 1.9% in New York, to $122.02. Apple spent $850 million to monterrey in San Francisco, nanjing to build a giant solar power plants.

money also save money, so you cook was a good comrade. Solar power environmental protection and save money, you’re worth it.

ali and ant gold restructure

alibaba and ant gold announced that the relationship between the two companies restructuring has been completed, the ant gold suit now pay treasure to the parent company. According to the agreement, alibaba agreed to sell the ant gold suit main specific entity, loans and loan business and other related services to small and medium enterprises related to other assets. In addition to the sale of small and medium-sized enterprise loan business and restructuring measures take effect after the deal.

sohu released the latest earnings in the first quarter to cut 30% of

sohu in the fourth quarter of 2014 revenue of $477 million, up 24% year on year, rose 11%; Belongs to the company’s net loss of $20 million. 2014 full-year revenue of $1.7 billion, up 19%; Belongs to the company’s net loss of $167 million. Sohu chairman zhang said that in the late 2014 s and in the first quarter of 2015, sohu conducted a series of internal reform, basically around the changyou, sohu auto, Focus. Cn layoffs of real estate and editing team. In the first quarter has achieved 30% cut.

the traditional electronics retailer RadioShack, filed for bankruptcy

RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States, and said to reach a deal with hedge funds, will sell up to 2400 stores. It is reported, RadioShack a total of 4100 retail stores, sales of products including tube amplification, the earliest laptop, etc. Amazon and American mobile operator Sprint are considering buying RadioShack parts store.

electricity as the butterfly effect, the impact of domestic closed shop tidal waves.