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apple will release a smart watches, $530 million patent ticket

the apple conference on March 9, invitations, only a simple two words: “spring forward” (refers to the spring into the daylight saving time should quickly turn table, pun meaning is “leap forward”). Apple chief executive Tim cook had said before, Apple Watch smart Watch will start shipment sometime in April.

apple’s iTunes software licensing company violates the Texas Smartflash three patents, to pay a $532.9 million fine. An apple spokesman said in a statement. “we had previously refused to pay royalties to Smartflash, because our employees spent many years in innovation.”

have to say that the cook comrades still wayward design used in the invitation of the chrysanthemum, see cloud network chrysanthemum hunting a tight.

ant gold suit to the a-share listed in 2017

the financing promotional material, according to the latest master ant gold dress is on the first round of financing, valuation is expected to 200 billion yuan – 250 billion yuan, subscribe to state-backed investment institutions. In A closely watched ants gold IPO plans; the information said it is in the a-share listed in 2017, and has selected the cicc as its IPO financial adviser.

it is important to note that the information is disclosed for the first time the ant gold clothing shareholding structure, the condition of financial ecosystem, performance and strategic picture, and predict the ant gold take 2015-2017 fiscal year net profit compound growth rate of 63.5%.

3 d Robotics, showed, IronSource, Luxe Valet, the financing Stayzilla, LoungeBuddy

uav startup 3 d Robotics, completed a $50 million C round of financing. qualcomm venture led, Foundry Group, Mayfield, O ‘reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Shea Ventures and True Ventures with pitch. The money raised will be mainly used for product development.

light field camera company showed won $50 million in financing. showed camera allows the user to focus after photo first, a single party is GSV Capital, investors including Allen & amp; China capital Co. and Dan. Showed after financing business will set up a virtual reality, open out 25 to 50 existing staff, recruited a batch of new business.

software distribution start-ups IronSource won $20 million in financing. IronSource including user acquisition, conversion, monetization, integration, analysis and optimization, some of the services. The current Access Industries led by British industry group, this round of financing will be used to expand market share, make strategic mergers and acquisitions.

application Luxe Valet parking Valet raised $20 million. Luxe Valet to provide more parking space resources, shorter JiaoJieChe time and lower prices. The investors in the United States investment fund Redpoint and risk investment institutions Venrock, financing will be Luxe Valet used expanded more cities.

accommodation website Stayzilla $15 million B round of funding. Stayzilla provides users with family hotels, resorts, B& B, jungle cottage, house boats and other accommodation options. The Nexus Venture Partners in the financing, warp/weft investment also participated in the existing investors.

room reservation application LoungeBuddy won $3 million in financing. LoungeBuddy provide airport lounge booking service for users, this round of financing by the founders’ s Fund brought Peter Thiel, investors and Stephen Mendel and from Benson Oak Capital, Robert Cohen.

tesla will advocate cheap cars Model 3

tesla will still pulled global sales growth in 2015 of the most important factors for the Chinese. “Tesla’s next sales breaking point should be listed on the cheap models Model 3.” Familiar with tesla’s relevant personage tells a reporter, which sells about 220000 yuan, is expected in 2017.

merrill lynch analysts warrens thinks tesla was a sinking ship, or is crashed into a huge iceberg, and tesla’s price target from $70 to $65.

Google news chaos stew

Google officially launched the Android for the Work, will provide a more powerful enterprise user information security and management functions, so as to attract enterprises deploy Android phones in the employees.

Google to bring its function of Web search “paid search results into the Google Play app store, in the next few weeks will start the test within their app store” sponsored “search results.

Google will be announced in May on the I/O of new payment API, the platform will be used to store and pay a third party within the application.

Google is considering the Jawbone “strategic investment”, but it doesn’t consider acquiring Jawbone. The current negotiations are still at an early stage, Google could not invest in the end.

Google proposed a new headquarters, a London Hess vic studio canopy type buildings, the design of this project not to open, because must first be discussed with the mountain city council.

IBM will spend $4 billion in the emerging business such as cloud computing

IBM said in the annual investor conference, in 2018 the company from cloud computing, big data, security and other emerging areas of revenue will reach $40 billion. The goal highlights from IBM hardware and server business transfer to emerging high-margin business strategy. IBM said at the same time, this shift to a “strategic urgency” business spending of $4 billion.

before Obama spokesman kali in amazon is responsible for public relations

amazon will jay kali appointed senior vice President, in charge of global corporate affairs. Kali had held it for more than three years time, a spokesman for President Obama, Cali will be responsible for the amazon’s public relations and lobbying, directly under the leadership of the company’s chief executive, Jeff bezos.

huaxing capital WenTianLi departure founded new investment bank “the blue lotus”

huaxing capital securities research, managing director, head of the WenTianLi has from huaxing departure, and set up special research in the field of TMT blue lotus research institutions. Provide accurate research in the field of TMT and covers listed Internet young enterprise is wen, pre-market after two big vision on the research institution.

“, nothing can stop my yearning for freedom “. Hunting cloud network “the blue lotus” of the lyrics for you.

huawei new hollow wireless technology will be released 5 g

huawei announced that it will in the 2015 world conference on mobile communications (MWC) published a series of 5 g new hollow technology. According to introducing, huawei 5 g team in 5 g hollow technology, virtualization technology, and new radio frequency technology, etc, to carry out the study of fracture technology.

exposure: eBay spin-off agreement was banned from competition with PayPal

eBay and PayPal in the future will be split into two independent public companies. But according to the operating agreement, eBay must continue to provide PayPal payment services on its platform, and the two companies can not compete. Between the two main operating agreement is valid for five years, then can be renewed on a yearly basis.

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