Morning: millet new products five series, formal today a number of laws

on April 1, hunting cloud network (text/who)

millet new products five series

product “five series” lei jun: goddess of millet Note version, red rice mobile phone 2 a, 2 TV 55 inches millet and millet scales and millet lug plate.

in Sue mans terms, millet technology, fashion, if millet can make science and technology with fashionable garment, is the most perfect union.

support mobile 4 g double card double stay red rice is 2 a millet “under the premise of guarantee the experience, further improve the cost-effective” products, price 599 yuan, the rice noodles section on the day of the sale of 499 yuan.

millet to launch domestic smart TV: four k55 inch smart TV price 4999 yuan.

and the other two new price 99 yuan scale of millet and millet lug plate of 49 yuan from millet technology and green meter chain enterprise China science and technology.

ali cloud joint venture 30 published “a guest +”

ali cloud launch “a guest +” platform, invested by IDG, the sea and so on more than 30 vc institutions and the hang seng science park and so on more than 20 incubators and science parks and other members to join, intentions to build China’s largest Internet business platform. “Creating guest +” from November 2014, were prepared to startup, more than 300, 141 and is now in the guest program, success to raise 270 million yuan.

haier ali released the second generation TV

haier jointly issued in Beijing ali ali II television, the main modular concept, through the way of replace function aggregation module function transformation, upgrade on TV. Intention to use this way to smart TV domain iterative upgrade faster and faster, reduce the cost of users to upgrade.

today a batch of force and regulations formally

a batch of force and regulations formally: unregistered foreign film and television play will be banned on the Internet; Number of scenic spots by more than 80% to current limit, maximum capacity to stop the ticket; Six provinces and municipalities start commercial car insurance reform, low risk owners will benefit; The new chip card implement new standard; The entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection declaration enterprise management method “.

Microsoft released the Surface RT version 3 cheap

Microsoft announced a cheap version of the Surface tablet, Surface 3, the lowest price of $499, primarily to students and users of computer performance requirements is not high. Sales on May 5th, but China is not listed in the first column. Microsoft in to the press releases from the mail that Surface 3 carry complete Windows 8.1 system.

Google sends a series of Chrome OS new product

Google launched a series of new Chrome OS products, including by far the lowest price of this laptop and a micro computer as big as a USB flash drive. Haier and hisense this new laptop for $149 (RMB 923).

samsung S617, domestic sale

the line version of the Galaxy S6 & amp; S6 edge will be open to booking on April 3rd, and started selling on April 17. Samsung electronics, greater China President piao chun also said, in addition to let Chinese consumers feel the future technology really simple, efficient, pleasant mobile life, samsung this year will also enable the Galaxy series of Chinese brands in China cover le.

company testing company store

the company began to test the new concept of “company shop”, to allow any brands or retailers to create the company store, sell their goods. It is understood that the company had said to the businessman, they through the company store sales of the commodity, online sales of the same product than at least 5% cheaper. In addition, the company will charge a commission of 15% for each transaction.

IBM will invest $3 billion to the Internet of things department

over the next four years, IBM will provide the new “Internet of things” sector investment of $3 billion, to play to IBM in the collection and analysis of the professional advantages of real-time data. IBM said the new service will be based on cloud computing, companies use a variety of new sources of data to strengthen independent product, these data sources include building sensors, smart phones, electrical appliances, etc.

HP sued Autonomy former executives

the executives to court the HP will Autonomy. HP equity division in London made a $5.1 billion claim. On the same day, Autonomy, including founder mike lynch, the former executives announced that the counterclaim for HP, and put forward for HP “malicious slander” at least 100 million pounds ($147 million) of the claim.

Etsy start IPO roadshows

the handicraft electricity Etsy announced that will start the IPO roadshows, plans to issue 16.6 million shares. Etsy was founded in 2005, is located in brooklyn, New York, has not yet profitable. The company plans to launch the IPO price range of $14 to 16. In this range of online computation, Etsy valuation to $1.77 billion.

us hedge funds to buy drops – almost $600 million stock

the hedge funds have focused on China’s call taxi application market, they give drops a taxi and fast taxi valuation to $8.75 billion. According to people familiar with the matter, headed by Chloe figure capital management, a group of investors to buy about $600 million worth of drops a taxi and quickly established after the merger with taxi shares in the new company.

jingdong stake the raised platform is launched

jingdong stake the raise will take “brought the dosing and” mode, help enterprises solve the problem of financing difficulties, the second is, with the permission of the legal environment compliance in accordance with the law to help more people to share the risk investments. Jingdong equity and the raise of online will effectively connected enterprises and investors, that will help entrepreneurs to broaden the financing channels, and revitalize the whole finance market.

thunderbolt $130 million sale of thunderbolt see

thunderbolt, announced that the company has independent third party with Beijing ring nest international media co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “ring nest international”) signed a framework agreement legally binding, will sell the company online video streaming media platform, look at all of the equity. Thunderbolt to sold at the price of 130 million yuan, have a look.

ucweb CEO concurrently hold the position of President ali mother

alibaba group chief operating officer, zhang yong (at large) announced that ucweb CEO concurrently hold formal mobile business group President ali ali group’s network marketing platform “ali mama” President. Ali mother is alibaba group’s online advertising trading platform, help to connect and matching between Internet site location and advertising clients demand, realize their advertisers.

huawei, changhong, dangdang get rich report

in 2014 for various business continued growth effectively, achieving global sales income is 288.2 billion yuan ($46.5 billion), up 20.6% from a year earlier. Net profit of 27.9 billion yuan ($27.9 billion), up 32.7% from a year earlier. Focus on pipeline strategy, simplify management, improve operational efficiency is huawei’s 2014 revenue and profit growth effectively.

in 2014, changhong business revenue of 59.504 billion yuan, up 1.07% from a year earlier. The total profit of 534 million yuan, down 47.50% year on year; Net profit of 268 million yuan, down 64.67% year on year; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 059 million yuan, down 88.52% year on year.

for the first time in over four years after dangdang listed in profit, net profit of 88.12 million yuan, year-on-year turnround in 230 million. According to the results showed that dangdang realize net revenue of 7.96 billion yuan last year, a 77% increase in investment promotion platform sales breakthrough 6.6 billion yuan, the total revenue reached 14.2 billion yuan, proprietary book sales proportion fell to 35%.