Morning: melting at any time such as financing, Microsoft closed Work Assistant Work Assistant

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melting at any time, PicsArt, Cui Yutao children health management center for finance

“always” battle won tens of millions of dollars. energy investors for wisdom. Always in harmony is the domestic first adopts the model of supply chain finance P2P platform, short-term financing, mainly focus on the energy industry through the form of financing lease, factoring, has operated for multiple financing projects.

PicsArt $10 million in the first round of financing. sequoia capital investment. PicsArt is a photo editing application and social networking company, similar to them. Users can get images by PicsArt application and before connect photo-sharing give their friends increase image filtering capabilities.

Cui Yutao child health management center hong fai millions of dollars of capital investment. horse Long clinic as chief operating officer, the chairman Shao Zongzong Cui Yutao, director of the united family hospital pediatric doctors as the chief medical officer, chief operating officer, is the original ms Jiang Wei baby tree founding team members.

greentown electricity by sequoia capital such as the $60 million set up a network built group

sequoia capital and easily built group injected nearly $60 million in capital to net (sequoia led), the power network construction group new issued “the trinity” business strategy, to develop the building materials industry ecosystem based on the Internet. Network building group headed by greentown electricity B2B formation, house electrical contractor of B2C, and thousand jinding brand Internet household financial troika of supply chain.

Microsoft internal testing Work Assistant Work Assistant

Microsoft is the company’s internal test a called “Work Assistant” new application of the Work (Assistant), Work Assistant application designed to help users on the Windows Phone platform to engage in various Office related tasks. This application is made by Microsoft’s Digital Life + Work team is responsible for the development.

Cindy hsu, formerly editor-in-chief of sohu Liu Chun as zhongnan chief officer culture

zhongnan heavy industry has acquired by datang brilliant media co., LTD., officially entered the manufacturing and culture media of parallel double main track. Based on this, the company hired has many years of work experience in media Liu Chun chief cultural officer for the company. Liu Chun from sohu in November 2013, during the sohu work a year and a half, a former vice President, sohu video COO and sohu chief editor.

Siemens announced 7800 job cuts global

officially announce, Germany Siemens plans to cut 7800 jobs worldwide, including 3300 jobs in Germany. The job cuts was announced in May 2014, part of the administrative and management functions to streamline, will save 1 billion euros for Siemens, completed by the end of 2016.

TSMC 16 billion dollars for a new factory

TSMC announced that it will invest more than 5000 new Taiwan dollars ($15.9 billion) building new factories, to meet the increasing chip manufacturing needs. TSMC’s current contract processor for apple, but is facing the challenge of samsung, especially in the next iPhone processors.

ah long, 6 rich

this one 2014 belong to the parent company net loss of 118 million euros, compared with last year, the loss of 1.304 billion euros is greatly reduced. Aaron was reduced by 3% over the same period last year sales, IP routing business revenue growth of 15%. In the fourth quarter of 2014, this one sales gross profit margin of 34.7%, 130 basis points over the same period, the year rose to 33.4%. Operating profit of 284 million euros, accounting for 7.7% of turnover, full-year adjusted operating profit of 623 million euros, accounting for 4.7% of the turnover.

6 q3 total revenue of $1.62 million (RMB 9.92 million), and the second quarter was $700000, a year earlier to 3.4 million yuan. Based on us gaap, a net loss of $930000 (RMB 5.72 million), and the second quarter net loss of $5.34 million, compared with the same period last year net loss of $3.44 million. Based on the general accounting rules, a net loss of $760000 (RMB 4.68 million), and the second quarter net loss of $5.3 million, compared with the same period last year net loss of $3.14 million.

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