Morning: Ma Yunxiu sweep face pay, li ning and millet made smart shoes

cloud network hunting on March 17 (text/who)

Ma Yunxiu sweep face payment

in CeBIT, ma demonstrates the ant gold clothing S m iletoP ay face technology. Ma brushed his face, at the scene to buy taobao a 20 euro old hannover messe stamp, and send the stamp to the exhibition. Sweep face technology by ants gold suit and face++ cooperative research and development, to replace traditional password. When jack ma for face recognition, need to deal with a large number of data from the facial information, including the structure, features, and muscle of data analysis. The data processing and analysis ability, provided by ali cloud computing.

12306 push image authentication, rob ticket software failure

12306 upgrade validation, need from eight pictures color image are selected to meet the requirements. Faster than typing a little, a lot of ticket software are therefore change to automatic login authentication method. Some netizens said that 12306 of the latest verification code seems to be implanted on the advertisement, there are many products with logo in colour.

in order to rob ticket software, you are also very hard.

Blippar upgrade visual search function

Blippar is an image recognition and augmented reality applications, based on the brand of interactive content to let the user know a lot of products and services. Its founder, announced the upcoming new version, focus on the brand visual search, users can more in-depth understanding of the products and surroundings. The goal is to general visual search to supplement based on text and search engine based on link.

li ning and millet made smart shoes

li ning company announced with the strategic agreement to China, to develop a new generation of smart shoes, and explore the big data health field. Smart shoes can be connected with the millet sports mobile APP, the movement process and results of runners movement records, gait analysis, professional guidance and mileage.

crazy English li Yang do phone

founder of crazy English li Yang, in weibo, according to li Yang crazy mobile will be listed in the national comprehensive! This phone is called “crazy mobile phone”, played a “crazy I success” slogan. Was a new Oriental English teacher, Mr Luo released a hammer mobile Smartisan T1, sales volume is about more than 120000 sets.

really, don’t do phone English teacher is not a good speaker. Millet survive!

cheetah mobile acquisition MobPartner, public comment on acquisition of children learn

cheetah mobile announced with a $58 million acquisition of 100% price MobPartner global mobile marketing company. Diamel Agaoua will remain MobPartner CEO, and serving as a cheetah move, senior vice President. MobPartner for advertisers in the mobile terminal to provide the effect of the innovative marketing techniques, and to help distributors by higher wide eCPM cash flow.

the public comment on purchasing a parent-child education O2O platform “kids”, the “kids” will maintain independent operation, founder Lv Guangyu officially join the public comments, as chief operating officer (COO). “Kids” is a platform connected to the teachers, parents and students, matching the right teacher for each child.

gather beauty is superior, where to get rich report

The fourth quarter of the

get the optimal total net revenue of $166 million, more than $140.1 million over the same period last year growth of 18.5%; Attributable to common shareholders net income of $10.7 million, compared with the same period last year net loss attributable to equity shareholders of $15.5 million.

where nets in the fourth quarter of 2014 total revenue of 519.8 million yuan, up 107.1% from a year earlier. Full year 2014 total revenue of 1.7568 billion yuan, up 106.5% from a year earlier.

the legend holdings listed in July, or into Asia’s largest IPO this year

according to the Wall Street journal has quoted sources as saying that legend plan in July this year in Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO), and raise up to $3 billion, which is expected to become one of Asia’s largest IPO this year. At present, the legend is talking with the mainland investment bank China international capital co., LTD., and the Swiss bank is offering close cooperation.

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