Morning, lei jun says badly in the next five years, samsung denied water army

hunting cloud network on April 7 (text/who)

letter within the lei jun: over the next five years is fierce

the fifth anniversary of millet company was founded, millet technology CEO lei jun release internal email, review the journey in five years. In his view, the new five years, the market increasingly competitive, in the pouring into new rivals, the condemned in the next five years will be a terrible five years!

samsung denied employment to participate in the Galaxy water-forces S6 Shanghai conference

the recent media reports have said that samsung to hire “water army” in Shanghai’s Galaxy S6 conference. Samsung has issued a statement on its web site, denied this. The survey suggests that in the conference of all people, no one is hired or paid for. In fact, the more than 1100 participants are from Shanghai culture square, a formal invitation, host of the conference, including ordinary consumers and industry officials.

samsung application evaluation of two patents

samsung apply to the United States patent and trademark office, to evaluate the Smartflash two patents. These patents related to data storage and payment system. The move is likely to make apple from total pay Smartflash patent infringement compensation of $532.9 million. Similar Smartflash company is referred to as “patent trolls”. In February, in a patent lawsuit against apple.

nvidia or win samsung qualcomm patent

the us international trade commission is image chip makers nvidia patent lawsuits on samsung and qualcomm gave a favourable verdict. Interpretation, nvidia said before the trial hearing almost all disputes provides favorable conditions for the company, is also to be able to win the patent lawsuits. Its seven patent dispute case, six have been successful.

swimming race network acquired 100% zhang tao technology

swim network published the material assets reorganization preplan, proposed acquisition of guangzhou with 538 million yuan zhang tao network technology co., LTD. 100% stake. Swimming race network will be in the form of issuing shares and pay cash to buy its 100% of the equity held by zhang tao technology and raising matching funds, hope with the help of zhang tao technology of big data service enhancements game product promotion ability of listed companies, save marketing costs.

HTC departure chief designer baker joined the Fitbit

last week from the designer by the departure of HTC becker join Fitbit ren, vice President of industrial design. In the new post, becker will work report to the Fitbit chief executive James parker. Becker gave no reason, he left the HTC but sources say that this is because HTC internal contradiction between design team and sales team is constantly.

Cindy hsu, formerly editor-in-chief of netease Zhao Ying entrepreneurial launch women cosmetic application beauty Della

netease’s first female chief editor Zhao Ying resigned, introduced a female users against app “beauty Della”, with its unique advantage of rich celebrity talent resources into the field of military medical beauty, it has been revealed online before the finished product of millions of dollars. A round of funding.