Morning: iOS 8.3 password-less download free apps, push the carpool function drops

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iOS 8.3 download a free application no longer lost password

in apple’s latest iOS 8.3 beta, allows users to download a free application in iTunes and App Store and products don’t need to enter the account password, only the user to disable the Touch ID will only appear when the fingerprint recognition. Maybe when the user to disable the fingerprint recognition system, apple can judge the degree of users on the system safety requirements is not high, so can simplify the download process.

close enough, lazy people benefit, also for always forget password is the Gospel.

sogou launched “browser” claims to be the global minimum

sogou announced – some browsers, the installation package is only about 0.5 M size, claims to be the global minimum of browser software. Support “right quickly shut down web page” function, the user closes the current web page just click the right mouse button to achieve maximum extent of browser based function simplified. At the same time, copy, paste, and save the most commonly used web page right functions such as image still use smoothly.

relative to lot, hunting cloud network prefer small and beautiful.

drops a few weeks push carpooling function

drops a taxi will be on-line carpooling function, the function will be in the original drops a taxi in the APP. Drops of car-sharing business still in the planning, product last name has not yet been determined. Carpooling function is likely to be launched in the coming weeks, also ready to invest hundreds of millions of money to do subsidies and marketing. Temporarily not on-line carpooling function.

is quick to point linked and freight?

Beijing music depending on to achieve strategic cooperation

baic and apparent formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hong Kong, will leave Beijing automotive in automobile r&d and manufacturing experience and ability, and the apparent Internet technology and the concept, the ability of software and hardware integration and user operation combined with a value of mining capacity, to develop a new generation of Internet smart cars and car ecological system, and create light brand assets.

music depending on building cars that keep up with the pace of the BAT, coincidentally also and tencent on the same day.

foxconn tencent and harmonious cooperation

foxconn with tencent and harmonious automobile signed “about” Internet + intelligent electric vehicles “strategic cooperation framework agreement”, the company will be responsible for providing the Internet open platform, foxconn, focusing on high-tech intelligent mobile terminals and electric integration of design and manufacturing technology, harmony will contribute in high-end car accumulation in the field of marketing and service.

after baidu, ali, tencent finally sit still, BAT in The Three Kingdoms kill added new battlefield.

foxconn plans to invest Indian electricity Snapdeal

foxconn currently is still in the early stage of negotiations with the Snapdeal, if negotiations are successful both will establish a strategic cooperative partnership, and may involve equity investment, but it is unclear whether we foxconn’s specific investment. Foxconn will is just one of many potential investors Snapdeal this round of funding.

because of the uncertainty of the ali group, Snapdeal of this round of financing scale or will just $500 million, that will make the future of the company market value to $6 billion.

UN cancel plans to launch and Uber millions of women drivers

the UN women’s agency previously announced, to take advantage of Uber 1 million women around the world to create the driver jobs. Said recently, thank you for before Uber contribution, but in the current stage, temporarily no plan job creation on both sides of cooperation. Uber has said that it will continue to perform the unilateral plan.

by the UN put pigeons, you feel, Uber heart in drop of blood…

millet Ericsson India may litigate

according to new Delhi’s high court documents, latest Ericsson prosecution millet infringement will be on May 21, the hearing, will the prosecuting and defending parties in court debate. In India at the end of last year, Ericsson v. to millet infringing its eight patents related to three communications technology, seek lock-up millet mobile phone in India as well as damages.

millet said patents do not have what problem, also in India to produce mobile phone…

ms wang mountain again as HTC CEO

HTC announced that the company founder and chairman of ms wang as CEO again. Ms wang mountain again to revive the HTC on the road to bring good luck? Former CEO Peter Chou, HTC said company will be responsible for the company’s future development opportunities, and mainly in the development of HTC strategy level. Ms wang said in a statement, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in the next stage of development to HTC.

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gome, finance, and the dream world get rich report

gome 2014 full-year revenue of 60.36 billion yuan, up 7.02%; Net profit of 1.28 billion yuan, up 43.5% from a year earlier. Results showed that 2014 gome weighted average operating area of about 3.641 million square meters, sales income of about RMB 16578 per SQM, rose 6.58% from a year.

finance in the fourth quarter net revenue of $18.8 million, $26.5 million over the same period last year fell 29%. Net profit of $3.6 million, compared with $1.9 million over the same period last year growth of 95%, compared with the previous quarter net loss of $2.4 million.

a dream heaven and earth in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of RMB 328.4 million ($52.9 million), up 190.6% year on year, rose 11.5%; Net income of 29.1 million yuan ($4.7 million), up 76.5% from a year earlier, fell by 22.3%.

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