Morning: Intel start Edison innovation, easy car, nine power of financing

on January 17, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Intel started Edison innovation contest

Intel launched to hard enjoy commune “, from now on, “as the theme of the Edison innovation contest. From Intel, tencent open platform, jingdong the raise, baidu’s representative and gen geeks to share the hardware such as entrepreneurial opportunities, the content of the intelligent logic hardware investment, etc. Registration of all items will be hard at Intel commune of online services and technical support. Screening out the good seeds after training will be equipped with exclusive one-to-one gold supervisor, finish in the top five “star of tomorrow”, will reach 2015 Intel information technology to the international big stage.

smart hardware business friends, jingdong have related to the raise this morning yo,

tencent do mobile phone operating system

Tencent is inside a named Tencent OS phone ROM, also known as Tencent ROM, Tencent OS, TOS. In Tencent OS propaganda page, Tencent did not provide details about the product technology, in the bottom of the propaganda page, the user can apply for to join Tencent ROM closed. In 2012, tencent has sent a based on Android 4.0 system ROM tita, although the pages of this product is now still can access, but did not download entrance on a page.

a penguin baby, if you can lose weight that would be great. PC more than 50 M, 20 M mobile end, forehead, feeling rising smartphone running memory is for you…

easy car jingdong and tencent’s $1.55 billion investment in

easy car with jingdong, tencent trilateral strategic cooperation agreement, easy car will get jingdong and tencent in the form of cash and assets investment totaling about $1.55 billion. Hope that through the easy car, chairman and CEO li bin jingdong electricity resources and experience, and tencent’s financial resources, to help easy car to complete the identity transformation – “electric car dealer”.

since the jingdong and tencent together, where is where you can see your love posture. Hunting cloud network thought of a word, show conjugal love…

200 million investment focus on large financial data of nine power

nine power of wealth (Beijing) co., LTD. Got the information of a new investment, capital letter, IDG capital, Germany as capital, rich kay investment institutions such as fund investment, led by letter capital, invested a total of about 200 million yuan. It is reported that nine power is to negotiate and data Banks, teamed up with the bank to set up the P2P business platform.

uav start-ups Skydio won $3 million in financing

Skydio received $3 million in financing. This round of financing by A16Z collar, Accel, and shots. Previously, A16Z also invested in another uav start-ups AirWare. Airware can be viewed as the operating system of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), while the Skydio is the application of the above the operating system. Skydio’s goal is to develop simple manipulation, which can realize self low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) navigation.

can be automatically fasten shoelaces smart shoes

the latest German engineers design an automatic fasten shoelaces smart shoes, it can adapt to different people’s foot size. After people put a smart shoes, need to touch the heel of the micro engine, can be the LACES tight. When you want to take off your shoes, click twice the heel, built-in engine will release the tongue of a spring, become loose shoelace. This ingenious invention don’t even need to connect the power supply or replace the battery, can be completely dependent on energy when walking.

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