Morning: IBM earnings in the fourth quarter, ZipDial Twitter acquisitions

hunting cloud network January 21 (text/who)

IBM reported fourth-quarter results

IBM released in the fourth quarter and full-year earnings in fiscal 2014. According to the report, IBM revenue of $24.113 billion in the fourth quarter, $27.385 billion over the same period last year fell 11.9%; Net income was $5.484 billion, $6.185 billion over the same period last year fell 11.3%.

Twitter acquired mobile marketing company in India ZipDial

Twitter announced that it will buy Indian start-ups ZipDial mobile marketing. Twitter did not disclose the price of the deal, but is expected to between $30 million to $40 million. When making advertising, ZipDial will give the user some advertiser’s phone number. If consumers are interested in their products, can call the company telephone, advertisers will not answer, so the telephone call for free. Then the advertisers will commodity information and preferential information in the form of text messages sent to consumers, and receive messages to consumers is often free of charge.

really smart, China’s kiss, learn bai, it’s a passive marketing into active marketing, can hardly more efficient…

a big Bob financing case hit

, the United States, pick up human bei, Rubikloud, PureLifi agreed, attraction, pet net financing

tourism social products have been picking up human sequoia capital of $10 million in A round of funding. is picking up human “together” as the main function of tourism social product, is a man to provide users with pick up information platform. Users choose the destination by picking up human, first check the pick up person information posted by others, including route, time, brief introduction and pictures, if you see can peer friend can leave a message or send messages to them.

medical beauty O2O beauty, bei get 20 million yuan from international well-known venture capital firms are A round of funding. both sides made A round of strategic framework agreement, the investment direction of preliminary confirmed that this investment. Company will put the money into team building, market development, platform technology optimization, upgrade the customer consumption security rights, strengthen the website promotion and brand publicity.

big data analytics Rubikloud completed A round of $7 million in financing. it is a big data for e-commerce service provider, to help businesses understand user behavior footprint and the web user behavior, provide reference to improve the conversion rate. Led for TOM and mail, the funding will be used to continue to the big data technology applied in electronic commerce, and will gradually expand the Chinese market.

visible light communication technology company investment PureLifi. 15 million pounds. PureLife is a start-up, based on the technology of Lifi using the LED light to transmit data information, make available to all kinds of terminal network signal. Led by London & amp; The Scottish investment group, Old College Capital and investment bank of Scotland. The funding will be used to support product development route, as well as marketing and sales.

buy sex toys platform “attraction” for 9 $vc millions of angels. attraction is an electricity mobile client interest class, with emphasis on the “what is worth to buy”, in addition to interest electricity, also join share section product recommendations. Little shyness team official version launched on January 1, orders about 100 or so a day.

pet convention net dark horse millions of angel investment fund. is a large amount of the pet trade, offline trading one of the biggest problems is to buy a lot of dogs don’t health, with patients. Dote on contract net is to rely on their own service process and monitoring system, and guarantee mode, let everybody to buy the rest assured safety health dog, become a pet trade platform of trust and confidence.

legal channels Xbox One will open Internet TV function

the state administration of radio, Shanghai cultural administration of radio, film and television recently agreed to grant a group of Internet TV set-top boxes to Shanghai radio and television the client number, dedicated to the Xbox One localization terminal products. Announcement, blockbuster on January 21, opened the Xbox One localization terminal Internet TV business, and will increase the Xbox One localization efforts in product sales and customer service, we will accelerate the development of family game entertainment industry.

friends, this is the people…