Morning: Google ads will automatically converted to the H5 format, Livefyre financing etc

on February 26, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Google ads will automatically convert the H5 format, acquisition application promotion tools Toro

Google will automatically convert Flash ads to HTML format. Since last month, Google has replaced the YouTube is the default format for the HTML format.

help developers on Facebook to promote start-ups Toro has been bought by Google. Google spokesman confirmed the news, said Toro team will join the Google mobile ads.

the blackberry will cooperate with Google to make its software to manage part of the Android devices and improve the safety, a move that will on the basis of the blackberry recently the cooperation with samsung.

Livefyre, Viv, HomeLane, Mack Weldon, the financing Grabble, Lensza

real-time content curators start-ups Livefyre won $47 million in financing. Livefyre launched Livefyre Studio can collect any place of the UGC, through content management, to design, such as injection marketing information) and any other place on the Internet to release.

smart upgrade assistant Viv won $12.5 million in financing. Viv can understand complex sentence, the use of the principle in the user in the autonomous learning, and help to accomplish things. Siri’s two founders think apple Siri limitations as an apple device centered accessory products, so after departure from apple, founded Viv Labs.

interior design service provider HomeLane won $4.5 million in the first round of investment. its characteristic is with the aid of a 3 d planning tool to visualize the decoration effect, investors including sequoia capital, etc.

men’s underwear electrical goods brand Mack Weldon won $4 million in A round of funding. it both comfortable tailoring and absorb sweat, odor-proof close-fitting clothing, anti-static and other functions. Features a silver fiber is added to the fabric, distribution center operations by robots.

shopping application Grabble angel rounds completed $1.8 million. Grabble is a novel way of online shopping, the user left said don’t like it, right slide said like, to find the most popular style of clothing, shoes and hats. Users can purchase within the application, and price to remind.

contact lenses retailers Lensza seed round of investment. Lensza provide high-end lenses in Indonesia market at low price, and then quickly expanding business in Singapore and Malaysia, and attracts many Indonesian glasses brand to join us.

HP split the cost of $2 billion, will acquire Aruba

HP plans to specific costs $2 billion. Splitting the cost about $1.3 billion in pre-tax will cost in fiscal 2015, more than $500 million in fiscal year 2016 will run out of step by step.

HP were negotiating to buy Aruba Networks Inc.,. The company is hotels, universities as well as shopping centers used wireless network equipment manufacturers. Aruba market capitalisation of about $2 billion.

, the world’s largest P2P network loan company first earnings losses

the world’s largest P2P network credit Lending company listed after the first results released by the Club, according to the company full-year losses of $32.9 million last year, the profit of $7.3 million a year earlier. Is mainly because of marketing and product development cost far more than loans.

fast drops announced that continue to distribute red packets and reward

quick and drabs officially released a joint statement, said the two companies combined will travel to maximize user experience as one of the business direction, in a long time, red envelope subsidies for passengers and the driver’s reward will continue to be issued.

continue to distribute red packets will help to keep the user community to maintain and extend. It is popular, there are cheap to pick up.

ant gold suit will “marry” celestica fund

Inner Mongolia jun was announced, according to celestica fund already go through the formalities for industrial and commercial registration of change of complete involves increase endowment spread, and has set up a pick up by the hexi branch of tianjin city administration for industry and commerce business license renewal. Increase endowment spread matters, after the completion of the ant gold suit will be 51% celestica fund, trust has a 16.8% stake in tianjin, Inner Mongolia jun is a 15.6% stake.

a few down crying, the drama officially ended.

samsung, SK telecom will show 5 g technology on non

samsung electronics and SK telecom, South Korea’s telecoms company plans to show in the global mobile communication conference (MWC) 5 g technology of the two companies. Samsung electronics and SK telecom 5 g data rate reached 7.5 GB per second, hope to be able to in 2020 officially launched in South Korea before and after the 5 g service.

tencent Swiss investment game publishers Miniclip

China tencent holdings as Swiss Miniclip online game company’s largest shareholder. The deal, however, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount. Data shows, Miniclip is the action online gaming issuers from Switzerland. Miniclip CEO Robert Small, said tencent’s investment could give the company making the game better, is good for the future development.

36 released Firefox browser Firefox: support HTTP/2

the Mozilla Firefox 36 formal version, this version is complete support Internet technology standardization organization IETF’s new HTTP/2 transport protocol. HTTP/2 protocol can reduce the network transmission delay, and simplify the process of the server to the browser to transmit content. Firefox 36 can also be fixed magnet synchronous new TAB, and cancel the support for unsafe RC4 algorithm. The new version also improved extended compatibility, improved support for HTML 5, etc.

the original south China morning post website editor in chief of Mr Wang as FT editor-in-chief

the UK announced by the financial times, appointed Mr Wang FT editor in chief, and begin work on April. Mr Wang will be responsible for the operation of news content, reporting to the financial times, Asia Pacific chief executive Angela t mak. Earlier, Mr Wang served as editor of the south China morning post website, served as a Reuters news editor in Chinese, and Reuters Chinese website editor.