Morning: FB acquire social shopping TheFind, jobs had to buy yahoo

on March 14, hunting cloud network (text/who)

Facebook social shopping site acquisition TheFind

Facebook announced that the company has acquired TheFind social shopping site, the site’s search engine according to the consumer’s social information and provide personalized shopping experience for its shopping way. At the same time of acquisition, Facebook has begun testing its “buy” button, the function allows advertisers through Facebook advertising to sell products. Facebook did not disclose specific financial terms of the deal. TheFind will shut down its service, the part of the team members will join Facebook.

jobs had to acquire yahoo

a forthcoming biography “Steve Jobs, Becoming the” Jobs, Jobs had hoped to cooperate with Disney CEO Bob iger, joint bid for yahoo. The move will help apple to tap the search market, at the same time to stop the cooperation with Google. Apple will also get a series of back-end service, such as E-mail, calendar and contacts in sync. When the synchronization service MobileMe was introduced in the previous, apple has encountered a series of problems.

Microsoft’s MSN team into Windows department

Microsoft will turn its MSN group in the department of Windows, so that the Microsoft online portal and its flagship operating system, the connection between more closely. At present, Microsoft is to speed up the set to be released Windows 10 in the next few months. MSN team will be the executive vice President of Microsoft’s terry myerson is responsible for the leadership, after the team is a Microsoft applications and services, head of the group executive vice President of qi lu.

Google will close Code to Google Code project management platform

Google announced it will close collaboration service Google Code software Code, which provides support for a variety of software development projects, including Google Project Zero information security experts team of the Project. Google said shut down this service is due to the choice of most developers tend to be more powerful, such as making and Bitbucket.

fully withdraw from founder Scott by ali flange

ali group CEO Mr. Lu in the internal letter announced that President appointed ali mobile business group President ucweb CEO Scott, overall responsibility for Scott’s overall business, gold remains independent operations. At the same time, the founder Scott map from wu and COO Zhang Qin will no longer as Scott’s management position.

investment company Falcon to empty dangdang shares

is reported to the shareholders in dangdang submit documents show that Falcon investment companies in the United States has not held any dangdang shares, emptied 4392000 American depositary shares. Falcon in July 2013, bought dangdang American depositary shares. With dangdang’s closing this morning American depositary shares at $8.52 per share calculation, the Falcon cashed out $37.42 million.

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