Morning: easy to a merger with Uber, Win10 increase biological validation functions

cloud network hunting on March 18th (text/who)

transfer easily to a merger with Uber, announced this week that

the easy to the Uber after months of negotiations has made breakthrough progress in the near future, easy to a merger with Uber may soon. Drops and fast the merger of the accelerated the speed of easy to negotiate with the Uber. The personage inside course of study thinks, Uber cooperation with easy to perhaps is a good choice for facing the competition in the market. Because from the point of market share, drops quickly accounted for a larger market share.

best letter was like baidu’s $170 million investment in

used electricity optimal letter announced today, has completed a total of $170 million in financing, this round of financing by baidu, KKR and Coatue joint investment. This is the last September from warburg pincus, tigers after a $260 million investment, investment institutions, such as optimal letter for another round of new investment. The core of this round of financing the goal is to enter the used-car B2C field, make its new vertical electrical goods brand “optimal letter used car”.

hc360 by 1.5 billion yuan purchasing zhongguancun online

hc360 announcement said, we have reached an agreement with the zhongguancun online actual control acquisition, by about 1.5 billion yuan to buy the latter full ownership. Including zhongguancun, zhongguancun online mall, the number of assets, such as dimension ten thousand grid. As the zhongguancun online the first big shareholder, liu xiaodong accounted for 60%, is expected to be $900 million.

a back for 2.6 billion incorporated into songcheng acting

songcheng acting last night issued a restructuring plan, the company intends to purchase in the form of cash and issuing shares songcheng group, cloud-l back 100% of total shares held eight natural person shareholders, and raising matching funds. Before m&a, songcheng group owns a 62% stake in rooms, rooms founder cloud-l eight transactions such as a back 38% of total shares held each other. According to the bet after the merger agreement, a back 2015 to 2015 annual forecast net income 151 million yuan, 211 million yuan respectively, 275 million yuan and 357 million yuan.

jingdong strategic investment stage music

in from DST led a $100 million investment, the college students in installment enterprise has recently completed a new round of small amount of financing, strategic investment by jingdong group, the news has received jingdong group insiders confirmed, but did not disclose the specific amount.

Win10 increase biological validation functions

Microsoft will be scheduled for launch later this year to add an automatic Windows operating system 10 biometric login function, this will be the first time the company to provide such a service across devices. This function is called “Hello”, users will be able to scan their own face, iris and fingerprint to verify the identity, to log on to Windows mobile phones, laptops and PC.

Hong Kong media said music depending on silicon valley starting April 28th, according to Hong Kong music depending on two flagship model on April 28, will be released in silicon valley in the United States. If music depending on the mobile phone appeared for the first time to choose a silicon valley in the United States, means joy depending on the cell phone power is mainly oriented to the international market. Music depending on the mobile phone was scheduled on the market before the end of last year, or Spring Festival, such as and chip manufacturers, millet NOTE issued a variety of reasons, and finally put off.
the CBRC to P2P barriers to entry for 30 million
CBRC called Beijing, waiting for a few P2P pratt & Whitney’s finance major regions the provincial financial department, industry association held a closed-door meeting about P2P regulatory rules discussed. The China banking regulatory commission to P2P barriers to entry for 30 million yuan. Will also to leverage limits on P2P management, but did not specify your leverage is how many times. Some regulators proposed to reference the current guarantee 10 times leverage limits.

Microsoft or will gradually give up IE brand

a Microsoft executives, confirmed that the future Internet explorer and the so-called “Spartan” browser will coexist, Microsoft will provide the new Spartan browser to determine a new formal name. In the past few years, Microsoft tried to through a series of marketing activities to get rid of the negative impression in the eyes of the user, IE but did not succeed. Former Microsoft Internet explorer, head in December last year, this means that Microsoft’s browser will open a new era of business.
by science and technology push the online learning platform TMOOC. CN

in science and technology to launch their own online learning platform TMOOC. CN. By science and technology, said will take advantage of the company for 13 years of accumulated technology and experience to provide users with high quality professional education services. TMOOC. CN initially provides two kinds of online learning