Morning: clad assistant for tens of millions of $investment, the ant gold suit fry a software development

on February 2, hunting cloud network (text/who)

“clad assistant” tens of millions of dollars of investment from the

the clad assistant “in the recently completed B round, investors for capital, jingdong and auspicious peak value of tens of millions of dollars, company valuation nearly hundred million dollars. From the women’s fashion collocation community, “clad assistant” is the earliest one sun is tie-in, collocation of women dress collocation fashion community, attracted many young women like clad collocation users, a large number of different styles of release fashion collocation match buyers here.

ant gold take secret development fry a software

pay treasure is secretly fry a software development, is expected to be launched after the Spring Festival. Ant gold uniform and study fry a software not to take the form of embedded pay treasure to purse, but a separate release an App. To pay treasure will enter into the field of fry news, a senior market participants do not feel surprised. “A year ago to buy the hang seng electronic should be in preparation for this.”

Google project Tango or adjust the 3 d perception phones to develop products

Google’s one engaged in three-dimensional perception of smart phones and equipment project, called Tango. A few days ago, Google it was officially announced that the project will be from the current membership of an innovative research department, transferred to Google company’s routine business. According to the analysis, the likelihood is the project has finished the research phase, will be formally developing commercial products.

annual fee of $399 in Google Earth Pro for free

Google announced that Google Earth Pro free and open to the public. After the service fee of $399 for years. Google Earth Pro is Google and development of a satellite images, aerial and GIS data in one of the professional version of the virtual Earth application. It can display virtual Earth, satellite imagery, maps, all kinds of landform and 3 d buildings, etc., the user can be in Google Earth Pro combined with GIS data for various planning, analysis and decision-making work.

nokia smart watches exposure: based on the android

nokia is secretly developing a smart watches, project starting from the year-end holidays last year project, and have the following details: products based on android, there is WiFi and cellular network support. Product support belongs to daily exploration team HERE. Made in China, nokia’s headquarters in Finland provides hardware design and product specification. The product will be network operator certification in North America.

Google subsidiary Nest two executives this week departure

Google subsidiary Nest two senior engineers to leave this week. Are matsuoka RongZi Nest technology vice President and Greg duffy. The latter is the wireless network video surveillance camera manufacturers Dropcam co-founder of Google in June last year to $550 million for the company, then Greg joined Google. Matsuoka RongZi is Google’s innovation backbone, she is also a computer science professor at the university of Washington. After she left Google will join Twitter.