Morning: BTM two sessions on said what, jingdong Q4 loss of 450 million yuan

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BTM three CEO on the CPPCC said what

B li: it is recommended that the establishment of national level “the Chinese brain” plan. Intelligent human-computer interaction, analysis and prediction of large data, automatic driving, intelligent medical diagnostic, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), as the important research fields such as military and civilian robotics. Source “proposal” open comprehensive hospital register, cancel the parts of the limitation on the commercial organizations to carry out the network registered business. Baidu IDL research institute has established two years, has also unveiled its own cloud strategy and strategic investment health care network. Small B, you enough.

T ma: the government should speed up the popularization and application in the field of mobile Internet in the people’s livelihood, the “public service” and people through digital (wei) (xin) fully connected, helps to solve the medical treatment and unbalanced education resources as well as the prevention and control of new and old major people’s livelihood problem such as fog.

Lei jun

M: it is recommended that “the Internet into national strategy”, to better grasp the opportunities of the Internet era, use the Internet to quickly promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

A ma: please call me governor ma, although I didn’t go to the two sessions, but I know the suning zhang near east bad-mouth me again: “fake” blocking network, fights over state administration for industry and commerce and you, tired, not love, please.

meizu CEO revealing MX5 Home button shape

the meizu CEO j. ong meiyou posts in the answer: “samsung iphone6 S6 war”, sent a picture of a suspected MX5 half part, Home button still retains the fingerprint identification, and the exterior forms samsung S6, j. ong said: “the Home button with the fingerprint identification we can only like this. Many years ago we M8 home button is similar to the shape “.

with the Ubuntu operating system meizu MX4 appeared in yesterday’s mobile world congress 2015, new Scopes function become the meizu MX4 a major bright spot. It to spin out the APP and content data, according to the screen subject classification information source content from a variety of channels.

jingdong rich report: Q4 net loss of 450 million yuan

jingdong mall in the fourth quarter net revenue of 34.7 billion yuan, up 73% from a year earlier. Net loss of 454.3 million yuan, compared with the same period last year net loss of 110 million yuan. Jingdong full-year net loss of 4.941 billion yuan in 2014, operating loss of 5.8 billion yuan. Among them, the most main reason is that listed on the eve of jingdong board gave jingdong liu, chairman of 4% of the jingdong stock option incentives, amortization of 3.6 billion yuan. Another important reason is that, as a result of acquisition and strategic alliance of tencent’s assets and business, amortization of intangible assets.

the amazon follow Google push virtual operator services

Macquarie forecasts: amazon may is planning to launch its own cheap virtual operator service. Amazon virtual operator service can be bundled with amazon gold service, gold medal make amazon service content will be improved. Amazon offer Kindle users worldwide free traffic fee to download function, in 2012, has tried the virtual operator business in Japan.

“poaching” each case settlement compensation over $400 million

according to the court according to the final settlement documents published recently, apple, Google, Intel and Adobe company agreed to pay $415 million in compensation. Technology companies intentionally depress wages, “poaching” each agreement and spurred the U.S. justice department’s antitrust investigation. In September 2010, the U.S. justice department and the company signed an agreement banning them from poaching each agreement to continue.

Google X executives Mary lockheed Martin jepson left to join the Oculus

Google X 3 years at Google executives Mary lockheed Martin jepson has departure, join the Oculus virtual reality. Google X project including driverless cars, ailing Google glasses, as well as balloon ProjectLoon Internet access project. Jepson is responsible for the display unit, working period, Google launched Google glasses, therefore she is likely to be involved in this project. Recently it is reported that Google is the restructuring Google glasses project.

PCH buying American flash sales website,

business to help companies design and manufacture of hardware products as the main business of the PCH International announced that the company has acquired a flash sales web site, But refused to disclose the price of the deal, it was reported earlier that the price of “$7 million in cash plus about $8 million in stock”, a number that is based on the calculated PCH recently a financing round.

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