Morning: apple’s new patent brush face unlock iPhone, ali cloud Matrix +

on April 2, hunting cloud network (text/who)

new apple patent brush face unlock iPhone

apple recently acquired a new patents, to make up for itself in the face recognition technology is still blank. According to apple’s patent describes the new technology, users can use mobile phones to take camera, cell phone will face data analysis, and mobile phone users and stored in the photos and the data compare, if compare correctly, the user validation is complete, mobile phone can be unlocked.

ali cloud pushed the Matrix +, mobile phone in the alien explore

ali cloud computing company announced a thrilling new plan – Matrix + + (yards). Hopes the program will be on earth billions of mobile phones and other smart devices are linked together, form the human ever strongest super computing network. The computing power, will be used to help improve the brain potential frontier science research, etc.

rookie pushing China to the postal service

novice network joint China post, 5000 open to the public to the postal outlets, provide parcel collection service. It is understood that the first batch of the opening of the Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou has been launched in the near future, other cities will be completed at the end of April. Consumers can choose post office around online, at kiosks and other postal outlets to help receive the parcel.

that “lean” old began to sell T-shirt

every guest officially launched 2015 chun xia series T-shirt clothing product, category involves the plain T-shirt, printing of two kinds of t-shirts, target groups aimed at the pursuit of personality and quality of combination of fashionable young people. Reported that 2015 chun xia that plain t-shirts and printing T-shirt price is 59 yuan and 89 yuan respectively, can be effective in order to buy all from site.

gree mobile phone by the ministry for the record, and complete configuration first

ministry of telecommunications equipment certification center, according to data from gree phone has passed the state for the record. Gree phones will carry a 5.0 -inch, 720 p displays (TFT), 1.2 GHz CPU, memory combination for 1 gb of RAM & amp; 8 gb ROM, combination of 2 million pixel camera + 5 million pixels, the largest support 32 gb memory expansion, and run Android 4.4.4 system.

IUNI joint push youku miss puff phone

IUNI hand youku issued IUNI miss puff phone IUNI i1. This machine will be in 10 o ‘clock in the morning of April 2 in the day the cat electric city IUNI flagship store with IUNI website, standard price 1999 yuan, hardcover edition at $2399. IUNI i1 unicom mobile double 4 g network support, using qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 processor, frequency of 2.3 GHz, 2 gb memory and 32 gb of storage space. In addition, IUNI i1 is equipped with a 2.5 D surface water screen. Built-in smart skin care, 3.0 support level 7 intelligent beauty, 4 big beauty model (thin face, whitening, eyes, soft skin), at the same time support IUNI “video beauty” function, to identify the face in the video is real time.

datang telecom are going to be a phone call “gourd”

gourds phones produced by datang telecom subsidiary of gourd new science and technology. Angel investors from datang telecom company, has completed A round of 30.5 million yuan last year, financing, Beijing article fund capital with led, the Gulf Stream. Hoist main members of the team from the datang telecom FansPhone project, introduced to han geng and Beijing guoan customized heptyl Phone and Phone.

ali pictures, ehi rich

ali film company in 2014 total revenue of 127 million yuan, is 349 million yuan, and 2013 fell 63.6% year on year. Company in 2014 net loss of 415 million yuan, and net income of 180 million yuan in 2013, compared with the loss.

ehi fourth quarter net revenue of 246.5 million yuan ($39.7 million), compared with the 157.4 million yuan in the same period of last year growth of 56.6%; The net loss of 45.5 million yuan ($7.3 million), compared with a net loss of 28.5 million yuan a year ago have widened.

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