Morning: apple was accused of five from Google, mango TV completed A round of funding

On June 10,


apple was accused of five copying Google

PCWorld us technology website published an article called in some ways, apple also in pursuit of Google. 1. The public transportation information. 2. Split screen display. 3. The news to the client. 4. Familiar with wearable function. 5. The iOS 9 Spotlight from Android desktop.

say what plagiarism, it is for reference, not now.

amazon China’s first membership program

amazon China officially launched its first membership in the Chinese market project “the amazon family”. For, mid pregnancy, produce period from the early stages of pregnancy, 0 to 6 months at various stages, such as “family” amazon provides members with “member preferential privilege”, “individual exclusive service” and “parenting knowledge sharing” three big customized service.

mother’s best to earn money, that’s pet project.

manufacturers Atmel microcontroller intends to sell

Atmel microcontroller manufacturers (ATML. O) is studying strategic alternatives, including selling the whole company. Atmel is Qatalyst and investment Banks, the sale process. But Atel may not decide to sell. Atmel located in SAN jose, California, the production of micro controller and the other can be used to “Internet of things” technology hardware equipment.

want to sale can’t say out, just the most lonely.

mango TV completed A round of funding, value exceeds 7 billion yuan

vice head of hunan radio and television NieMei said that hunan satellite TV, mango TV network video platform at present, more than 500 million financing has completed A round of investors including Shanghai new countries and, the capital, xiamen c&d, China vote, company valuation of more than 7 billion, this year the mango TV on new three board.

apparent before 10 billion valuation yo, how shrunk.

— about acquisition and denied acquisition

IBM announced acquisition of cloud solutions provider Blue Box

IBM unveiled a takeover, IBM will make delivery at the customer’s own data center of a public cloud experience, so as to help enterprises to reduce the burden of traditional private cloud deployment. IBM announced the acquisition of Seattle Blue Box group, which is committed to provide enterprises with hosting type private cloud solutions based on it, make customer even in span multiple hybrid cloud environment, also can more easily work deployment.

however, IBM did not buy the specific financial information disclosure.

ctrip denied full acquisition is easy to

for ctrip full acquisition easily to rumors, ctrip official response, according to the current, ctrip not 100% acquisition is easy to transport, only a strategic investment, minority shareholders and is easy to use. Ctrip said at the same time, will continue to support the all-round development of easy to transport, easy to transport will continue to maintain the independent operation of the company.

– the price! Mobile phone will drop, Xbox began to drop

Zhou Hongyi: to do two no enemy planes

360, chairman and CEO Zhou Hongyi in weibo, according to the great god phone mainly do three things, one is that looking for CEO and product technology and so on various aspects of talent, reshape the entrepreneurial team. The other two things are respectively, the first I need to change a bit machine and five hundred yuan to one thousand yuan, make the real national mobile phone. The third is to launch two real unbeatable price at once, the red sea into blood.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One price, push the new version 1 TB capacity

Microsoft announced that it will bring the Xbox 500 gb version One, the price down to $349, at the same time launched version 1 TB storage capacity. The new capacity of 1 TB Xbox One price is $399, with 3.5 mm headphone jack is equipped with the new handle. In addition, this edition USES the frosted appearance, rather than the previous glossy appearance.

– in change of life, good luck, the editor you also want to change the name

Nubian “independent” renamed “Nubian technology co., LTD.”

in set up three years later, the strong as Nubian phone expressed the hope that “Nubian” can be used as a founder of the independent brand by outsiders to know, instead of “zte Nubian”, therefore even decided to start a new company called “Nubian technology co., LTD.”.

all the film and television changed its name to all video website of

all the film and television, film and television program community official weibo announcement, according to the original all the film and television changed its name to all video website, and stop using the old domain name, jump to a new domain name And is committed to collect the latest and most film related sites, fundamental knowledge popularization of subtitles.

purple light international $124 million investment in 124 million lottery

purple light international will subscribe and direct purchase of new ClassA issued 63500500 shares of common stock, the total purchase price of about $124 million in cash. Purchase price $1.95 per share, after the deal, purple light international will become 500 lottery net the first big shareholder, purple light group co., LTD., chairman of wei-guo zhao will be the new director.

– privatization, not completed, is on the way

hand swim announced privatisation deal for $22 per ADS

in the mobile game, announced with Pegasus Investment holding co., LTD. (Pegasus Investment Holdings Limited) and Pegasus merge subsidiaries (Pegasus Merger Sub Limited) private agreement. According to the agreement, Pegasus will be $1.5714 per share of common stock at the price ($22 per ADS) in the mobile game.

e-house China received chairman Zhou Xin buyout offer

e-house Zhou Xin and board chairman of China announced that it has been submitted to the board of directors of the e-house China and shen director the privatization offer, officially launched to privatise a e-house China strategic plan. Two people offer per American depositary shares (” ADS “) $7.38 in cash for Zhou Xin, shen, or their respective associated entities are not currently held by all e-house common stock, the price is the company over the past 15 trading day’s closing price rise by an average of 25%.

jiayuan received modified privatisation proposal

announced jiayuan jiayuan the special committee of the board has been received from Vast Profit of modified nonbinding privatisation proposals. Vast Profit proposed to cope with consideration instead of $3.58 a share, or American depositary shares at $5.37) per share rose to $4.80 a share (us American depositary shares at $7.20) per share.

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