Morning: apple smart watches were poking fun at, micro letter officially opened “shake TV” function

cloud network hunting, March 11 (text/who)

apple smart watches were poking fun at

the apple smart watch dazzling, there are three versions (movement, ordinary and high-end custom version) for a total of 38, prices are also different: the lowest price is 2588 yuan RMB, the highest customized version of the top 126800 yuan. So much so that some netizens exclaimed: the furthest distance in the world is the distance between a band! Some netizens joked that apple has redefined the gold.

gree or strategic cooperation with wanda

after haier teamed up with evergrande, TCL to wanda, gree cooperation with wanda is above the water. A source says: gree or strategic cooperation with wanda, the future “all the appliances are provided by the gree” wanda. On December 30, 2014, haier group “and” evergrande group signed a strategic cooperation agreement announced. The two sides will in home appliances, household comprehensive strategic cooperation, financial services, etc.

Shanghai pharma $7000 Wan Chengli medicine electricity

Shanghai pharma’s announcement said, will work with natural bronze investment to set up the Shanghai medical health co., LTD., wade medicine electric company, the Shanghai medical investment 70 million yuan, 70% of the shares, third invests 30 million yuan, 30% of the shares.

micro letter “shake TV” officially opened

the team announced that letter, “shake TV” as a “wave” of normal function, officially opened. After the 2015 Spring Festival gala, WeChat test functions in “shake television” day online. During the Spring Festival, the user to open the micro letter “shake television” shake, can shake the relevant pages, TV shows, and participate in the program.

the barrage site Acfun copyright crisis, employees have quit

a weibo netizens’ sources, youku potatoes to Sue for infringement of the barrage site Acfun now faces a huge compensation, Acfun employees have resigned. Youku tudou recently because of copyright infringement announced formally charged Acfun, after Acfun successively from the former executives were detained, team members have the news of the departure.

us government departments will remove blacklist thunderbolt

is listed in the United States trade representative’s office on the blacklist, published in the latest list of deleted. After list, thunderbolt close search service dogs, strict control of the copyright problem, will not download out of copyright, began to sign the copyright agreement. Now, you use thunderbolt almost nothing, so be removed from the blacklist at the same time, also the application to remove by consumers.

weibo get rich report

social media platform weibo posted as of December 31, 2014 in the fourth quarter and full-year unaudited financial statements. Net revenue of $105.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2014, up 47% from a year earlier, the company more than $102 million to $105 million of the expected range. 2014 annual net revenue of $334.2 million, a year growth of 77%.

SONY PS4 kingdom version will go on sale on March 20, in mainland China

SONY announced on March 20, 2015 in China to sell PS4 and PS Vita console and accessories products. At the same time, the PS4 and PS Vita simplified Chinese version of the game should be listed with the host. Legal channels version PS4 price 2899 yuan, PS4 suit (including cameras and base) price 3299 yuan, is divided into black and white two paragraphs; PS Vita handheld entertainment machine suit in black and white (including 8 g PSV game memory card a) the price is RMB 1299.

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