Morning: Apple Apple Watch third-party strap design specifications

May 6 (text/who)

Apple Apple Watch third-party strap design specification

Apple introduced a new developer web site, let third-party developers to Apple made strap Watch. The site’s theme of “Creating Bands for Apple Watch (created for Apple Watch strap)”. In this website, apple has also issued a developer’s guide, which contains some strap design standard. Such as strap need Made by Apple for the Apple Watch project certification; Third party strap can’t prevent Apple Watch direct contact with the skin; Strap is not allowed to affect the microphone, speakers, pad, antenna and the heart rate sensor and digital crown and Force the Touch and so on.

although I only have a watch, but I can buy some strap to force ah…

ge and apple qualcomm cooperative development of intelligent lighting

ge local time on Monday announced a cooperation agreement with qualcomm, apple, ge, through cooperation with chip maker qualcomm, the company will be able to provide retailers with a smartphone with customers by LED lights embedded technology method of connecting. Ge also said the company will produce a kind of can with apple has not yet been released by Internet device platform HomeKit compatible LED bulbs products, and this kind of bulb can automatically adjust the color according to the body’s natural rhythm.

pass Microsoft intended to Salesforce bid

Microsoft was evaluating the choice of Salesforce launched a takeover bid, after another intention acquirers have made contact with the cloud software provider. Sources said that Salesforce is working with the two investment Banks to decide how to respond. Salesforce is now worth nearly $50 billion.

Fuji motor infringement, was sentenced to compensation of $10.2 million

MOTOROLA said, the United States to a jury ruled that the fujifilm for $10.2 million, due to the motor without permission to use the patent technology of the latter. This amount is less than $40 million in damages of fujifilm requirements.

push Pacific insurance “ceng WangXian”

in order to avoid using “fishing WiFi” in public places, and result in property damage, Pacific insurance’s two subsidiary company – Pacific online union Pacific property jointly launched “personal mobile banking account theft insurance” (nickname “ceng WangXian”), in order to ensure the customer while using free WiFi personal mobile banking account security. Consumers spend $4 insurance cost, can be valid for personal mobile banking association account for up to a year, the forehead, the security is as high as 50000 yuan.

hammer technology transfer to landing a new three board

according to divulge pamelahodgson has persuaded Mr Luo to hammer in the process of new three board listing. New three board listed on a hammer is good, because of the mobile phone market in China, a hammer hammer can make use of it in the operating system that a strong, his cell phone, do the smart home is to do, and even might do to electric cars.

if compared to pirates wanda sailing time, this is you just ready to sail to the rhythm of…

latest equity exposure: 58 Yao Jinbo 14%

58 city CEO Yao Jinbo hold 32391600 shares, 14.02% of the shares, 58 city management has a 14.69% stake, tencent holdings of 60897774 shares, 26.36% of the shares, is the largest institutional shareholder in 58 city. In two rounds of tencent in 58 city, in the process of 58 city major shareholders DCM, softbank saif, WP have different degrees of underweight. However, DCM, softbank saif still has a small amount of 58 city of the company.

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