Morning: alipay wallet closed chat feature, Google plans to invest

hunting cloud network on January 20 (text/who)

pay treasure the wallet closed chat

a version 8.5 alipay wallet closed screenshots on the web. In the new version of the alipay wallet “explore” the secondary pages, the emergence of a “my friend” option, enter the transfer interface, can directly to send voice, text messaging and expression. Previously, this interface must be at the time of transfer to send message to chat.

quick stop that now, whether pay treasure payment to strengthen social, or WeChat social reinforcement, hunting cloud network only silently looked at baidu, what do you think? Sogou but also with the micro believe it got a micro headlines, you are calm, or hurt?

Google prepare investment musk capsules

Google is for private space exploration, elon musk, the vehicle to make a major investment, the investment valuation of inspections at more than $10 billion. Now the deal is still in plan, its purpose is to support the development of satellite and the rocket can provide billions of people around the world, there is no Internet cheap web services.

UK furniture electric business in the process of IPO

the UK furniture electric business are in the process of being traded on the London stock exchange, the valuation of the company is expected to reach 100 million pounds. According to the report, consultant of includes citigroup, Peel Hunt and Rosthschild. is expected before the general election in May for initial public offering.

a big Bob financing case hit

ShopClues, originally life network, with one load, first order, skiing best spirit, profession, meaning the nets, ClassPass loan, I’ll borrow, Sophia was financing

India online retailers ShopClues announced $100 million in financing. at present, the company’s valuation has reached $350 million. Earlier this month to complete, it is understood that the current financing funds tiger global hedge funds led by the United States, Helion Venture Partners, and the Nexus Venture Partners continue to vote, etc. So far, ShopClues had finished raising $115 million. New money raised will be used in technology, marketing and other help to attract more businessmen to every aspect of the platform.

life network complete B wheel tens of millions of dollars in investment. led by a well-known dollar fund and other funds to vote. It is understood that the financing is began talks in October 2014, the famous dollar fund for life originally the webmaster if you value their ability in the field of fresh cold chain, such as cold chain resources might have a lot of cooperation space.

auto service “with one load” received more than 1000 yuan investment. with one hand mainly for automotive appearance repair needs to be done or cosmetic plastic surgery of users, with a live situation real-time feedback to the user, manufacturing track experience. Have one load was established in 2013, had to get the star of lenovo and peace joint investment of more than one thousand yuan investment.

catering service App hisa “first order” to complete A round of funding. this first order to provide users with just order online and direct order service, currently only supports the sit-in, without delivery without reservation. Users pay for the meal by WeChat or pay treasure into the company account, can cancel the order at any time before into the shop. The financing amount has not been revealed, investors including a taxi bleep angel wang gang.

products “ski eyes spirit” augmented reality skiing seed investment of $400000. ski eyes spirit adapted mobile phone original ski resorts maps included of real friends easily locate and search; Analyzing the data recorded at the same time, provide guidance; In addition can also unicom global skiers, through the social platform skiing competition and share data. This round of angel Yang Ning investment completed by the individual, a total of $400000 and new money will be used to product production, etc.

medical profession P2P platform for medical health loan tens of millions of dollars of capital investment. profession is a focus on the health care industry P2P lending loan service, was established in 2014, for private medical institutions to provide medical industry financing and financing business, is the medical letter financial information service (Shanghai) co., LTD’s website. Profession has officially announced the profession loan credit for medical health capital of A round of investment, financing amount in more than $10 m.

Internet insurance platform means net gain of nearly 500 million yuan. A round of funding. when the network is a meaning to insurance travel insurance of the Internet platform, engaged in research and development of security services and travel insurance with major otas and travel service providers have cooperation. A new round of financing, will be mainly used in mobile application development, and research and development of innovative products and marketing.

fitness website ClassPass won $40 million B round of funding. with the pattern of “the” whole into ClassPass connect all good gym in New York, the user can go to all over the gym, a card to provide distribution in different parts of the city’s more than 1000 from yoga to dance, from the pilates to strength training. This round of financing by General Catalyst and Thrive Capital investment.

I have to finish A round $twenty million loan financing. I investors to borrow contain newest Russian founder of the famous investment institutions DST yuri milner, silicon valley’s most influential Internet business leaders support ICONIQ capital and strategic investors – China post mail company with TOM group, announced earlier and sequoia capital and TOM group.

Sophia’s announcement, according to plans to use its own funds of 30 million yuan, in wuhan in subscribed capital way comfortable easy technology co., LTD., as a registered capital of 3 million, 27 million as capital reserve. After the completion of the company will raise capital, owns a 30% stake in comfortable easy to hk. Comfortable 100 is one of the main indoor comfortable household system integration service O2O e-commerce platform.

Amazon has also been the eu slotting tool

the commission released the results of Amazon’s taxation report, think the Luxembourg government offered us electricity giant Amazon illegal government aid. Report points out that with the agreement of the Luxembourg government let Amazon in most of Europe to shift profits to its Amazon’s called LuxSCS tax-exempt entities, the entity in 2013 net sales of up to 136 billion euros in Europe.

Amazon and Luxembourg, apple and Ireland, Fiat and Luxembourg, starbucks and the Netherlands, yo roar, the European bureau ah, this is to set a mahjong called on Facebook is a meal.

Wu Tong communications plans to 1.35 billion mergers and acquisitions and the

after more than three months of suspension, Wu Tong communications announced that 1.35 billion yuan into the AD full ownership, cut into the Internet advertising. Company intends to pay cash by issuing shares and a combination of, buy Tan Siliang enlightenment and He Yu setting, tianjin, guangdong trip, Jin Xinhua gen and hold each other all the advertisement a combined 100% stake. At the same time, Wu Tong communications plan the new Internet investment center in suzhou Form a complete set of non-public shares to raise funds to pay for some of the cash consideration.

samsung to hire new senior vice President of global design

samsung has hired Lee Don – airport, senior vice President for global design team, responsible for the management of the company’s global design center, he served as a Tangerine co-president, responsible for the subordinate studio in Seoul, help samsung construction department for its “Raemin” brand development apartment interior design.