Morning: ali building data centers in silicon valley, 500 million enterprises red envelopes 100 million tax

cloud network hunting on March 5 (text/who)

alibaba built a data center in silicon valley in the United States

ali announced cloud computing data center put into operation in silicon valley in the United States. This is ali cloud first data centers abroad, shows the alibaba in global expansion ambitions. The new data center will mainly take the Chinese companies doing business in the United States, is mainly retail, Internet and games. In the future will be for American companies doing business in China to provide services.

ma said 500 million enterprise red envelopes 100 million tax

grab a red envelope wars during the Spring Festival, the company sent 500 million yuan red envelopes, actually the user to only 400 million yuan, tax paid 100 million yuan. This is ma 4, disclosure. In accordance with the income tax law, grab a red envelope is contingent income, the tax rate shall be 20%. So, a red envelope to pay taxes is true. However, between relatives and friends to send personal red envelopes for limitation within 200 yuan, is exempt from tax.

sharp fall $8.4 billion debt crisis

Japan sharp debt crisis, coupled with the current losses, suffered sharp share price has plummeted. Sharp Thursday will negotiate with two big bank creditors, submit a restructuring plan, for creditors, “help”. At the end of last year, sharp’s debt as much as one trillion yen, equivalent to $8.4 billion, among them, mizuho bank and Tokyo mitsubishi UFJ bank two institutions, hold about $5 billion of debt.

xunfei at hkust and extend intelligent household business jingdong inject 150 million

hkust xunfei together with jingdong to raise 150 million yuan founded Beijing information technology co., LTD., mainly focus on intelligent household business expansion. The hkust xunfei invest 82.5 million yuan, accounting for 55% of the total registered capital, owns a 55% stake in the underlying company. Xunfei at hkust will assist in the new company design technology in the fields of smart home solutions. Jingdong, assist the new company in hardware product design, warehousing logistics, supply chain management, sales channel support, provide the smart home based on intelligent cloud control functions, and provide solutions to promote.

car home, devoted to stranger, way of cattle, xueda education get rich report

fourth quarter automobile net revenue of 739.1 million yuan, up 91.5% from a year earlier. Net income of 249.6 million yuan, up 103.4% from a year earlier. Based on the general accounting, net income of 269.5 million yuan, 103.6% growth compared with the 132.3 million yuan a year earlier.

road net income grew by 90.9% in the fourth quarter, to 928.7 million yuan ($149.7 million). Way cattle in the fourth quarter gross margin of 6.6%, 3.6% in the fourth quarter of 2013.

devoted to devoted to the fourth quarter net revenue of $18.6 million, jumped 702.3% compared to the same; Belongs to Momo net loss of $2.5 million, compared with the same period last year net loss of $3.1 million.

xueda education in the fourth quarter of the total net revenue of $59.7 million, $69.1 million over the same period last year fell 13.6%. Net loss of $16.7 million, compared with a net loss of $4.3 million during the same period last year has widened.

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