Morning: ali building cars, apple against the enemy, tencent flagship store in the day the cat

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“Internet car” ali next year

saic group with alibaba group, announced that the joint venture to set up the “Internet car fund” of $1 billion. According to introducing, the fund will promote the “Internet car” development and operation platform construction, the future will be an open platform for the capital, to absorb more Internet car participants. Cooperation of both sides the first Internet cars will be listed in 2016.

giant building cars, do you have opened the “door”?

apple against enemy: the Jawbone and Nike bracelet all the shelves

Apple Watch selling approaches, Apple’s retail stores will have its products compete in a variety of fitness bracelets from the shelves. No longer selling the Jawbone Up and Nike + FuelBand intelligent hand ring products, etc. In addition, the wear on your wrist, used to track the heart rate of the equipment, benefiting also can only be found through the apple online store.

some estimate, yesterday apple nearly 12 hours downtime, loss of $26.4 million. Apple is based on its online services and 6% of total revenue, pattern in Tucson, buy I can wait, early make late make all the same, apple just charge you 12 hours less interest…

tencent in Tmall flagship store

day cat has confirmed, the netizen has “tencent official digital flagship store” for tencent official opening. Shop main tencent intelligent digital products, portable WiFi, teng love glucose meter, intelligent voice, small Q Q pet film and so on. 1 yuan, activities such as shopping lottery and kill “3.16 is getting ready for the opening, 5 fold bag mail”, “1000 w opening gift certificates capricious rob” slogan really catching on.

blocked? For sure! Through the micro direct access to the letter. Amazon also set up shop in the day the cat, the main products imported straight length. You two talk about?

Google push new cloud storage service Nearline

Google Nearline, the cost of each month for only 1 cents per GB data, and the data can be in three seconds or even a shorter period of time to read. This means that the cloud storage service will be free, cloud service providers must study how to based on storage to develop other revenue. Google through some cooperation encourages enterprises to customers to use their own cloud storage service.

amazon, what do you think, is the price or the price?

Shanghai house fair on those things

360 released smart home strategy, positioning to shift from “Internet security” to “safe” Internet companies. Are you dizzy? I am dizzy… Sharp published 8 k resolution 85 inch LCD TV, at the same time also introduced a 4 k four color LCD TV, known as “beyond the 4 k” TV new products. Beyond? Super…

Liu Jin response by 400 million bad rumors

Liu Jin said in a statement issued in a bad storm, the so-called bad rumor has nothing to do with what Liu Jin P2P business. Rumors of bad loans belong to subsidiaries peace international factoring accounts receivable, has entered the stage of justice. But the project is provided by a third party guarantee, rights and interests of investors completely unaffected, so the project has nothing to do with what Liu Jin P2P business.

financial risk, the investment need to be careful…

Richard li, PCCW buying American online video Vuclip

Hong Kong’s largest telecommunications company, PCCW, in order to speed up The company in Asia and other regions to launch OTT (Over The Top) service, The company has acquired The mobile online video service provider Vuclip. OTT refers to provide various application service to the user via the Internet. Typical OTT have Internet TV business, apple’s app store, etc.

the Jones lang lasalle 420 million stake in Q book

the Jones lang lasalle’s announcement said, the company has signed the investment agreement, plans to spend 420 million yuan to buy Q book 15% stake. For specific details of cooperation, the allied chairman secretary Yuan Hongchang just said the two sides confirmed the cooperation intention, but in the mode of cooperation in business level is still in discussion.

chain home DE – you two big intermediary merger, 58 city buy housing, this is the rhythm of the sit still wow.

millet will open 100 in India this year experience store

millet company announced that this year will open 100 experience store in India. The experience shop does not sell products, but for Indian consumers experience the millet products. Millet in July last year to enter the Indian market, mainly through online retailer sales of its products. India is the world’s third largest smartphone market.

SO, after the Indian doesn’t even have to snap up, only the experience?

WeChat will build brand advocacy process

micro letter brand advocacy process is expected to launch in April, the rights of the entry will be launched on the micro letter “micro letter 110”. Micro letter will open the trademark holder access to apply for entry of the brand rights protection process. Users can submit sale clues on the platform, by the brand to the inspection, for there are selling fakes of public or individual account, micro letter will be titles processing, as a punishment.

tell you a bad news, the first batch of the holder of the trademark in the approach including LV, Adidas, montblanc, Cartier, etc. I also use less than, the good news, hi hi, wood?

China auto rental, home inns rich

China auto rental after launch its first annual report, annual report 2014 annual income of 3.52 billion yuan, up 30% from a year earlier. Short of rental income 2.3 billion yuan, up 34% from a year earlier. After-tax net profit of 562 million yuan, net profit margin of 20%.

home inns in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of RMB 1.64 billion ($263.6 million), up 1.6% from a year earlier. Belong to common shareholders of the net income of 84.6 million yuan ($13.6 million), up 558.0% from a year earlier.

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