Morning: 12.9 inch the Pro to exposure, FB test Phone call application

on March 23, hunting cloud network (text/who)

apple 12.9 -inch device Pro exposure again

according to the latest exposure of the Ubuntu team Pro shell 3 d rendering, four speakers, it will provide the two up and down. Apple or the WWDC in June conference the Pro: resolution 2 k, 7 mm thickness, battery capacity is 11000 mah. A8X processor, 2 gb of memory, Touch ID fingerprint identification, handwritten pen and USB 3.0 interface.

4 speakers, will be how crazy drag cool experience, can incarnate the square dance Boyle speakers? Online, etc., is very urgent.

new apple MacBook will stop through the Boot Camp support Windows 7

apple’s Boot Camp, the technical support documents, according to the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 inch will no longer support through the Boot Camp running Windows 7, the only supported Windows 8 or update the version of Windows. But by VMware Fusion or Parallels virtualization software, such as Mac can still run Windows 7 virtual machine.

this is in help Microsoft, let users to upgrade Windows 10 rhythm?

Facebook application test call Phone

Facebook is testing a called Phone Android applications, is likely to replace an Android Phone functions of the Phone itself. This app is likely to block a lot of harassing phone calls, and display the caller to the detailed information. In addition, Facebook might also allow the user to handle to anonymous call data for marketing purposes.

why m moment thought of micro letter the phone book, this is the micro letter envelopes again after a national hero go abroad?

Google xinan zhuo intelligent push lock

Google launched a new Android “smart” lock function. This function using accelerometer judgment and mobile devices of the state, and consciously deciding whether to lock screen. The official name of this new feature called “on – body detection”, this functionality is mainly for those who are willing to sacrifice a certain security but for convenience of users.

human consider good yo.

samsung and Cartier cooperative development advanced smart watches

samsung is developing an advanced smart watches, codename is Orbis, it will have a rounded appearance. Samsung is currently in France, South Korea and Britain test Orbis smart watches, this shows that samsung could is working with the French manufacturer Cartier watches, research and development of the Orbis smart watches.

sitting on it with 18 k golden smart watches.

music depending on the cell phone will be released at apple

Letv mobile phones will be held a conference in silicon valley in the United States, and the venue is apple commonly used the yerba buena center in San Francisco. Apple had released the series of products in the center and the iphone 5. Letv conference, in addition to the mobile phone, there will be super TV and super car launch.

there are stars (li xiaolu, etc.) the blessing, gold-plated to apple at home, look at the play blame the speed of the upgrade.

foxconn plans to invest sharp

foxconn are still searching for the Japanese electronics maker sharp to the plight of suffering from an opportunity to cooperation, specific methods may include investment, establishing partnerships and technology licensing, etc. Gou says fastest offers this month. In March 2012, foxconn agree with 66.9 billion yen to buy a 10% stake in sharp, dragged down due to lack of sharp profit share price fell sharply after without success.

don’t make moves when at this time, waited two years can be picked up by a big cheap.

youku potatoes for allegedly misleading investors by U.S. firms investigation

Pomerantz release news, according to the law firm has decided to investigating youku potatoes on behalf of investors, in order to determine whether youku potatoes executives and directors in violation of the United States the related provisions of the securities and exchange act of 1934. It is understood that the law firm to investigate the optimal soil, is mainly due to the optimal soil because of accounting problems by the securities and exchange commission of inquiry.

to obtain approval for “Wolf totem” is the defendant, is said to be punished more than 200…

ali health COO shou-chuan zhang quit

shou-chuan zhang departure due to entrepreneurship, resignation or because of ali in medicine, medical health strategic layout, let shou-chuan zhang is difficult to operate. Tomson times health and shou-chuan zhang signed a cooperation agreement, joint investment of 50 million yuan to set up a new joint venture company of mobile medical related business. The shou-chuan zhang invested 3.68 million yuan, accounting for 4.5% of the total amount.

the AMD former CEO rory read, will become dell COO

the chipmaker AMD, former chief executive rory read to join dell, President COO and global business sales, chief commercial officer at morris reports to haas. Rory read will help dell with large system integrators to cooperate. Dell appointed Paul perez enterprise solutions group CTO. Perez before at cisco, responsible for computing system product group.

eBay former head North America Penn will become Tinder CEO

Tinder co-founder and CEO sheehan, Mr Rudd said in a statement: “Penn will lead to operate the valuable experience of large-scale consumer technology company.” Tinder was founded three years ago, and radmanovic will serve as the company President and members of the board of directors in the future. After the arrival of a Payne, radmanovic will continue to be responsible for product and marketing, and Penn will be responsible for the company’s other operations.

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