Mom’s food: the main affection of C2C restaurant O2O, has completed the angel round


how long have you been eaten mother’s food? The words ask not poignant, especially in cities such as Beijing, straight people speechless, delicacies also than but home scrambled egg with tomato. “Mom’s food” is a sharing platform for application of the family private kitchens, a user can find themselves on the APP can cook aunt of the family and surrounding the order, 40 to 50 minutes to eat the flavor of the “home”.

consumers find their location based on LBS on the perimeter of the aunt and hot style food order, aunt will be ready before the ingredients (oil and ingredients to take unified distribution company), the user will receive a aunt dishes in an hour. “Mom’s food” mainly in the form of crowdsourcing room meals, self-built distribution team will be in the future, and for profit model, mom’s food tell hunting cloud network CEO Nick handy, the mom of food and service provider for revenue sharing, the “mom’s food” extract 10%. Family private kitchens of the average price of a blue one, two dishes in 18 yuan, namely, 9 yuan dish to the user, food hygiene, cheap; For the supplier to quantity.

Nick handy hunting cloud network, mother to tell her dishes in addition to the price is on the other hand, their server moms cooking, family environment and cooking cooking ingredients has a strict inspection mechanism at present, the company will survey sampling, and field observation aunt cook process, not regularly invited users field supervision all the cooking. Eventually combined aging committee, supervision of the ministry, disabled persons’ federation and other government departments.

restaurant O2O unavoidable cliche, in this area, mainly divided into the following pattern: a, traditional take-out platform: hungry, food will I get home, Meituan take-out. A bridge as businesses with the user’s order. Second, finished or semi-finished products delivery platform: kitchen god, looking for kitchen, young gentleman, cooking a meal. Kitchen god with the young gentleman to consumers on their own cooking, looking for kitchen and cook a meal for simple heating. Three, platform based on recipes: bean fruit food, good bean net. mom’s food main C2C the family card, meal is different from the above model, in the restaurant industry under the condition of each link are O2O opened up a new way of thinking is not easy, but it also has some disadvantages, such as: server older, expand the user group is difficult, food quality standardization, service easy to cut corners, there are many uncontrolled factors, with thin margins. However, all these problems can be solve in the future development.

domestic is similar to that of the mother’s food, home for dinner, have a meal, eat together, love, food, etc. Foreign private kitchen sharing platform has Eatwith, Cookening, Feastly, etc. But mom’s food, want to go in the future is the way American Munchery company, it has its own independent kitchen for the use of server, each link has the scale, the operation is relatively mature, complete B round of $28 million in financing in April last year. Mom’s food the angel round has been completed and is ready to A round of funding.