Moment: video with 1.2 seconds to anchor on live video diary, valley angel round innovation investment, have been obtained

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1.2 seconds, to record a video, is too short. Moment founder Wang Zhe tell hunting cloud network, memory is the anchor, when thousands of 1.2 seconds to assemble the pieces of life, the scene is like a movie, life scenes together, is enough to make memories.

moment of app development team from huazhong university of science and technology, after a group of 90 team members from the famous ice rock workshop studio, the studio has a history of 15 years, the total development more than one hundred Internet product. New product moment want to use the minimalist gives a short video in the form of a new play.

(ice rock workshop was born in 1999, two months before the alibaba’s birthday, founder Wang Hai soldier (now taomee CEO), in the past 15 years to focus on the Internet, from “to the mobile Internet era, is the student Internet team living fossils. Ice rock workshop has developed a series of close to the teachers and students, service products between teachers and students, also walked out of a large number of IT industry elite team, become the star of the campus team. Its members all over Facebook, Google, Adobe, Microsoft and other international Internet companies. Ice rock workshop consists of product planning, visual design, front-end development, application development and mobile development team. Can say is a cultivating talents of Internet team, walked out of the team’s basic are on the path of the Internet. There are also many choose to venture, including PPTV, I want to be a outstanding student, love notes, and Fun. , of course, most of the members into the Internet giants such as BAT.)

the positioning of the moment is the most simple and unique short video applications, “moment” wanted people to record the daily life with minimal cost. Memory is the anchor, 1.2 seconds video is enough to evoke the memory of the day or at least that one thing, every day to record their feel most worthy record of 1.2 seconds, countless 1.2 seconds to connect is the review of your life, can string together play when become his first documentary micro in life.

as to why is 1.2 seconds, Wang Zhe tell hunting cloud network, from their own set, if want to put the life to count for 100 days, every 100 days, I can record the video 2 minutes, everybody can use the “moment” easily for your life to make a documentary. And Wang Zhe told cloud network hunting, record time of 1.2 seconds in the future will never increase, this is one of his little insisted on and the product of a small core. 1.2 seconds to connect 100 days is two minutes, personally, it might be his wayward definition. But in Wang Zhe view, 1.2 seconds as memory anchor has been long enough, it can awaken the memory of the user.

at present, the moment as a minimalist short video record of the application. If the user wants to skewer can record life every day, you’ll have to open the moment to shoot every day. Wang Zhe tell hunting cloud network, at present, when a user after a day’s filming, he is not time to go back to thrust deep into the video at the moment. Although technology can be very good solution to this problem. But to follow the law of product, at present does not increase this function. But the overall video is still connected, click play when blank one day will not be reflected. and the business model, the team also don’t consider temporarily, the early stage of the prepared products.

on the same type products, domestic companies have netease micro lens, 2014 is no longer updated. But micro lens is a micro movie as a starting point, to the user to build product main function orientation is given priority to with video production. And such as “1 second everyday”, it is a powerful tool of editing video, you can import export video, cut out 1 second, made video cut good 1 second every day, but tools products, users have learning costs.

Wang Zhe tell hunting cloud network, at present, the team has won innovation valley angel rounds of investment, the amount in millions of level. CEO Wang Zhe aspect of team, successively in ice rock workshops for wish wall (3.7 girl day, let all the boys help female students to realize small desire), handheld huazhong big revision, about movie singles day version (with a movie in a meeting), profession wall (anonymous, guess the true love). Freshman have worked as an intern in ali, summer vacation period participated in double tenth of a project. Responsible for product design agee is China industrial design student at hkust, is also a hand-drawn super appearance outstanding designer. Local tyrants, responsible for the development of the background is China university computer college sophomore, dream is to become a whole stack of man. There is also a China university computer college sophomore JJ, responsible for iOS development. And China university computer college seniors peng elder brother responsible for iOS development.