Mobile phone film era: use iPhone 5 s of the film and television movies

cloud network hunting note: at the sundance film festival this year is now shining on the film of Tangerine was taken by mobile phone iPhone 5 s. Are you itching, want to produce a film yourself? Ok, today will teach you how to use mobile phones made large level of film.

Tangerine is a major breakthrough in the sundance film festival this year, this is a film full of surprises. The film depicts the less glamorous in Hollywood work degeneration of the sex workers living in the corner, depicting the characters in the film character have perseverance, humor, do not be exploited. The story of the film behind the scenes, however, like as nice as the front. You must believe that the film was taken with iPhone 5 s.

“the film’s shooting process incredibly simple.”

many amateur film lovers used iPhone filming, Tangerine film is almost completely taken by apple devices, it is the sundance film festival on display for the first time such a film. The film’s independent producer and director Sean baker, because the budget is limited, only use iPhone shooting decision. Tangerine is 2:35:1 widescreen proportion, in the process of filming the iPhone camera in Los Angeles on the streets of fast moving, film images present a mobile device is difficult to have smooth feeling. Director baker said “the whole shooting process incredibly simple,” and not missing any one scene.

see here, whether you also itching? So how to use the iPhone to shoot out to the level of the sundance film festival movie? You need four things. First of all, no doubt, of course, is equipped with an iPhone (in the process of Tangerine, baker and his team used the three iphones). Second, you need to install the application of an $8, the app called Filmic Pro, filmmakers can use this app precisely control the focal length, aperture and color temperature. Third, you need to be equipped with a video camera stabilizer. “Because the mobile phone is too light, so no matter how, you use hand phone will be shaking, so affect the shooting.” The director baker said. “So you need to use the camera stabilizer to stabilization.

in the end, you need to install a deformation in the iPhone camera. It can view is increased by 33% in the horizontal direction, makes the 16:9 screen into a wider 2.4:1, increase the natural light and deformation effects. “To tell you the truth, without the lens, is not the film,” baker said. “The camera makes the film has a large rocks.”

“oh, god! I have fallen to shoot the point of the iPhone movie? !

like other traditional film, film Tangerine also after the post-production stage. “From past many social realism drama, if you take this kind of movie, the first thing you have to do is to colour, it will make the film presents the effect of cold,” baker said. “But we did exactly the opposite. We adjusted the color saturation is high, because the movie’s world is so rich and colorful, shape of women in the film is also rich and colorful. So I hope the movie effect is in line with these characteristics.” (the mass-tone attune of the orange back to title inspiration, Tangerine orange meaning.) The final step is to screen the texture digital processing, make the film presents a real vintage look.

it is interesting to note that initially use iPhone film actors don’t agree with. Plays the love triangle pimps Chester James Ransone said: “because of the pride of the professional actors, I very hesitant when making the film. Oh, god! I have fallen to the point of the movie? !” However, as the shooting, Ransone began to appreciate the flexibility of iphones. “Using the iPhone photograph can do many different things.” (for example: several scenes in the film director baker is riding a bicycle transmission, when ran circles around the actor.)

however, Tangerine Ransone said the key to success is understand the traditional film techniques have a professional team. “Do you still need to understand the principle of editing, sound and lens,” he said. “Can’t take the phone out of go began to shoot.” Although iPhone photography picture still can’t compare with real 35 mm film, but his confidence in the iPhone. Ransone said: “you can also use small costs out of the picture good movie, but you have to understand the film BaiNianShi.”

“under the low budget, you can still make a fine film”

Tangerine the film reflected the innovation of the unusual, not only reflect on the cameras. Baker is shooting the film in his was obsessed, neighbor’s donuts shop this is a located in Santa monica boulevard dilapidated building, and the infamous. “This is a messy corner, and in the Donut Time always something happening,” baker said. “So, as said, I want to make a about Donut Time.” The idea of driving the baker and his co-authors Chris Bergoch comrade to a nearby center, where they met mia Taylor, she is an aspiring singer and actress. Mia, Taylor and introduce filmmakers to her roommates Kiki Kitana Rodriguez, Kiki Kitana Rodriguez became film Tangerine co-star.

the two women began to share the story around the building, (” people love listening to stories, especially those movie producer, “Taylor told me) they also share a compelling story happened to a neighbor: a transgender woman learned that her boyfriend to sleep with a female creature (is actually a fish), became very angry, as described in the film Tangerine. The transgender woman not found sleeping with her boyfriend “woman” shi don’t give up, film Tangerine inspiration is derived from this story, the author collected the story and put it into play.

the result to me, the film Tangerine is a very ideal in the top of the sundance film festival’s works: the plot completely beyond my expectations, the film describes a world in which I have never come into contact with, tells a story of most production team not to touch. In the film, Rodriguez as Sin – Dee Rella, this is a passionate affair. On Christmas Eve after Sin – Dee Rella before her pimp fiancee’s mistress. Sin – Dee Rella appeared on the Hollywood walk of fame when walking the catwalk, she walked past her to each of the wooden people angry, she managed to scare to every people she met. Tyler Sin – Dee Rella Alexandra, best friend and fellow prostitutes in the film she teach Sin – Dee, and eliminate the hidden trouble of behind her. The film describes the sisters in the face of the response to real danger, it also makes the over-the-top comedy usually works with depth.

Tangerine film is not perfect, we can see in the final stage of the slowdown in the pace of the film, and occur in the Donut the climax of the Time is not enough to rival the prophase preparation. But today is filled with all sorts of mature comedy and direct documentary film Tangerine is a small miracle, especially the film just by a phone worth $550, and the profit is pretty good.