Mobile game data service provider DataEye announced A round of funding of 50 million yuan

today, to hunt cloud network founder DataEye confirmed: in February 2015, DataEye completed fifty million yuan of A round of funding, led party for asiaec capital, and is A deep venture capital.

DataEye become industry leaders, mobile games industry chain partners is not a surprise, they witness DataEye from scratch, rapid growth with an unpredictable speed: DataEye founded on September 9, 2013, launched the first product 2 months; Half a year for mobile game data platform support, across the country to carry out the data share salon activity; Has set up a year – OAP game analysis platform release D, D – OAP channel analysis platform, D – HAP HTML 5 game analysis platform and D – EAP experience analysis platform, DataEye is the first in the industry layout, is also the only HTML 5 game analysis platform of data service provider; Cooperative enterprises more than 600 until now, there is no lack of TCL, cool, iTools, millet kingsoft cloud group, music, games, everyone China tour, music to amuse, hand the industry well-known enterprises such as netease game, valley, cooperative game more than six thousand models. DataEye this can continue to keep the focus on the game data services company, is just what the mobile gaming industry lack, especially mobile games industry needs.

however DataEye never beyond the immediate result, DataEye in the strategies being deployed in the future: how the front end of accumulated a large number of data into a data warehouse for deep mining, power mobile games industry chain each link of the operation optimization and increase profits, is one of the important strategic direction in 2015 DataEye.

meanwhile DataEye’s products and services will continue to supply chain upstream and downstream and overseas, the long-term strategic vision, professional data products and efficient service team, DataEye forward steps will move faster and more stable than imagination, and beyond.

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